An interview with directors of Advocate winner of GoE Bridging The Borders Award at Palm Springs IFF


Advocate– (Israel/Canada/Switzerland) is documentary feature film  directed by Rachel Leah Jones & Philippe Bellaiche – This intimate and moving documentary spotlights fiercely optimistic and compassionate human rights attorney Lea Tsemel as she continues her lifelong mission of defending the defenseless, despite the torrent of backlash she receives for being an Israeli lawyer seeking justice for Palestinians accused of terrorism.

Advocate was in Academy Awards Shortlist for Feature Documentary Oscar and it also won GoE Bridging The Borders Award at 2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival.

To learn more about making of Advocate we had a phone interview with  Rachel Leah Jones & Philippe Bellaiche, directors of the film:

In Palm Springs International Film Festival 2020 award ceremony held at Hilton Hotel in Palm Springs,  Editor-in-Chief of CWB, Bijan Tehrani, filmmaker, jury member Susan Morgan Cooper, activist and  jury member Keely Badger and Adam Shepherd from Go Energistics (Award and prize sponsor via a video message) presented the award for this year’s GoE Bridging the Borders to Advocate The winner received a cash award of $2500 from CWB’s generous sponsors.

In the last section of GoE Award presentation an award acceptance video message by Rachel Leah Jones and Philippe Bellaïche, directors of Advocate was played for the award ceremony audience.

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