Behrooz Boochani greets Iranian New Year from Manus Detention Centre


Iranian filmmaker Behrooz Boochani greets Iranian New Year and Nowruz from Manus Detention Centre, where he is jailed by the Australian government as a reugee and has spent four years of his life there so far.

Since 2013 the Australian government sends asylum seekers and everyone who tries to enter the country illegally to detention camps in Manus and Nauru islands.

In the Manus camp a young detainee tries to gather information for an Australian journalist to publish an article in the press about what has happened in the camp. At the center of his investigation is a solitary confinement center called Chauka which is like a prison inside the prison. Some of the detainees speak to him about their horrific experiences in the camp especially in Chauka

At the same time, the same Australian journalist is investigating what Chauka means for the local Manusians. It appears that Chauka is the name of a bird which can be found only in Manus and is the symbol of the island and has decorated its flag. She speaks to some of the locals. He and she look at different aspects the situation. We come across with some first-hand experiences of what life inside the camp means, how it is governed, the political games between Australia and PNG on this matter, the way Manusians are treated by Australians, the way locals think about existence of the camp in their island.


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