DirectTV Now, PlayStation Vue or Sling TV? Which one to pick?


We had a few questions about the differences between online live TV services that are available now, which one to pick, and which one offers the best packages with the most affordable prices. Right now there are three major players in this field: PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, and Sling TV. There is also Hulu that has not yet announced their launch date, but the rumors point the start date to fall 2017.

Among the three existing services, DirecTV Now has an interesting offer of $35 for 100 channels; but that promotion expired on January 9th and if you want to join as a subscriber, you must pay $60, a lot of money for an online live TV service with no DVR.

DirecTV Now offers two screens for the users and also mentions that all its services are subject to region and not all the channels are available in all markets. But some experts believe that Direct TV Now will have a brighter future than its other competitors as the company owning it has an extensive experience in this field. If that day ever comes, then we will focus our coverage on Direct TV Now.

Sony PlayStation Vue at this time is the only online live TV service with a cloud DVR, but unfortunately its DVR only holds recordings for up 28 days and then you lose them.

PlayStation Vue comes with three different packages, but the package that is interesting for our audience is the most expensive one, $74.99 per month. If you add your monthly payment for your Internet services to this amount, it easily comes close to the range of what a cable company charges. The PlayStation Vue service has some drastic limitations when it comes to using it outside your home in a different location. You may end up with a blocked account as PlayStation Vue service is based on original registered IP address. Even though PlayStation Vue allows five streaming at the same time, more than any other existing provider, the location change limitation is enough for us to avoid recommending it.

Sling TV, winner of Cinema Without Borders Seal of Excellence Award, is the pioneer of live online TV streaming, Sling TV Orange offers over 30 channels, with one streaming line for only $20 per month and Sling TV Blue comes with two streaming lines and over 40 channels for $25 per month. For those with a tight budget, Sling TV is the best choice, as you not only receive two streaming lines, but you have access to FOX, NBC and a few channels that show movies and TV series such as IFC, BRAVO, SYFY and AMC as well as several sports channels.

You can get both Sling TV Orange and Blue for $40 and receive over 50 channels.
Film fans have the options of the following add on: HOLLYWOOD EXTRA for $5 (EPIX 1, EPIX 2, EPIX Hits, EPIX Drive-In SundanceTV, Turner Classic Movies and HDNet Movies)
HBO for $15, CINEMAX $10 and STARZ $9 (Starz, Starz West, Starz Edge, Comedy, Starz Kids & Family and Starz Encor)

Sling TV’s big advantage over its competition is its cloud DVR that is in Beta stage. Sling TV’s DVR is quite easy to use and manage and has no time limitations for erasing recordings, unless you run out of space.
None of the three services require any contract and are real cord cutters.

If you are looking for our recommendation, you should know it by now, we vote for Sling TV for its affordability, nice and easy to use navigation tools and guide and of course its upcoming powerful DVR.


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