Danny Perez’s underground tinged film “Antibirth”


Danny Perez’s mind-bending, underground tinged film “Antibirth”. has been racking up the notices from all the big festivals and garnering rave reviews from the critics and audiences. Consisting of a stellar star cast led by Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black), Chole Sevigny (The Brown Bunny) and, after a 20-year absence from the big screen, Meg Tilly (Psycho 2). The film throws you into a tailspin story of infliction and betrayal with intense imagery in a bleak suburb of Michigan. I will somewhat refrain from what the film story is about since the most of the fun is seeing it with just some preconceived notion.

After a night of partying, Lou’s (Lyonne) belly begins to grow at an astronomical rate. She chooses to ignore the fact she may be pregnant or worse and continues her drug paced lifestyle to deal with whatever may be in her. Her friend, Sadie (Sevigny) stands by her side but seems to know more about her condition than she indulges. As the film progresses Lou pieces together what is occurring through horrific visions and symptoms of flux. It’s not until Lou meets Meg Lorna (Tilly), a strung out drifter, that Lou realizes what trouble she is in and decides to battle it head on.

Taking 5 years to make and spearheaded by producers Cole Payne and Roger Mayer with a team consisting of David Anselmo, Natasha Lyonne and Justin Kelly, Antibirth is a masked homage’s to horror films of the 70’s and 80’s without being tongue in cheek. The film is intensified by the score of composer Johnathan Kanakis and Eric Copeland from the experimental band Black Dice and a complementing barren, cold production design by Peter Mihaichuk. A creative makeup team headed by Allen Scott will surly satisfy  Horror enthusiasts with this mashup of chills, aliens, goverment conspiracy and what the hells was that? shenanigans. Antibirth comes out kicking and screaming.


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