18th Edition of the Buenos Aires Film Festival Announces Selections


This past Wednesday, at a press conference led by festival director Javier Porta-Fouz, Minister of Culture Dario Lopérfido, and Argentina’s Film Institute President Alejandro Cacetta, the Buenos Aires Film Festival revealed the films in competition.

Opening night, April 13th, will feature Eugene Green’s ‘Le Fils du Joseph,’ while Don Cheadle’s ‘Miles Ahead,’ a Miles Davis biopic, will close out the festival on April 24th.

Notable guests include US director/author Peter Bogdanovich (‘Paper Moon’), indie director Rick Alverson (‘Entertainment’), documentary filmmaker Penny Lane (‘Nuts!’), and Bob Byngton (‘7 Chinese Brothers’). Bogdanovich will be hosting a retrospective of his work. Then later in the festival, Portuguese producer Paulo Branco will look back at his work with Wim Wenders, Chantal Ackerman, and Raul Ruiz.

With more than 400 films slated for screenings, two new competitions have been added to the program. One is a Latin American roster that focuses on shedding light on films from the region that haven’t been through European festivals. The other new slate is a Human Rights competition, which is already an existing award that is being transformed into competition all it’s own.

Here are the selections:
International Competition
‘Francisco Sanctis’s Long Night’ — Argentina – Andrea Testa
‘The Night’ — Argentina – Edgardo Castro
‘I Will Live With Your Memories’ — Argentina – Sergio Wolf
‘Girl Asleep‘— Australia – Rosemary Myers
‘Paradise! Paradise!’ — Austria – Kurdwin Ayub
‘Death by Death’ — Belgium / France – Xavier Seron
‘The People Garden’ — Canada – Nadia Litz
‘Communication & Lies’ — South Korea – Seung-won Lee
‘In the Last Days of the City’ — Egypt – Tamer El Said
‘Verengo’ — Spain – Víctor Hugo Seoane
‘Creative Control’ — USA – Benjamin Dickinson
‘The New Kid’ — France – Rudi Rosenberg
‘A Magical Substance Flows Into Me’ — Palestine/Germany/U.K. – Jumana Manna
‘Rosa Chumbe’ — Peru – Jonatan Relayze Chiang
‘John From’ — Portugal/France – João Nicolau
‘The Mirror’ — Portugal – Rodrigo Lima
‘The Revolution Won’t Be Televised’ — Senegal/France – Rama Thiaw
‘Hedi’ — Tunisia/Belgium/France/Qatar/UAE – Mohamed Ben Attia

Off competition
‘Oleg and the Rare Arts’ — Spain – Andrés Duque
‘Illegitimate’ — Romania/Poland/France – Adrian Sitaru
Argentine Competition
‘Crespo (The Persistence of Memory)’ — Argentina – Eduardo Crespo
‘The Crime of Las Salinas’ — Argentina – Lucas Distéfano
‘Winter Comes After Autumn’ — Argentina – Nicolás Zukerfeld, Malena Solarz
‘El teorema de Santiago’ — Argentina – Ignacio Masllorens, Estanislao Buisel
‘Finding Sofia’ — Argentina/USA – Nico Casavecchia
‘Hierba’ — Argentina – Raúl Perrone
‘Juan Meisen Is Dead’ — Argentina/Colombia – Felipe Bergaño
‘The Pretty Ones’ — Argentina – Melisa Liebenthal
‘My Last Failure’ — Argentina – Cecilia Kang
‘Panke’ — Argentina/Germany – Alejo Franzetti
‘Spring’ — Argentina – Santiago Giralt
‘January’ — Argentina – Darío Mascambroni
‘Today Maybe’ — Argentina – Sergio Corach
‘Frayed’ — Argentina – Diego Marcone
‘Solar’ — Argentina – Manuel Abramovich
‘Taekwondo’ — Argentina – Marco Berger, Martín Farina

Avang-Garde and Genre Competition
‘Disco Limbo’ — Argentina – Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo
‘A Shanghai Bride’ — Argentina – Mauro Andrizzi
‘Vintage Print’ — Austria – Siegfried A. Fruhauf
‘The Death of J.P. Cuenca’ — Brazil – J. P. Cuenca
‘Neon Bull’ — Brazil/Uruguay/Netherlands – Gabriel Mascaro
‘The Demons’ — Canada – Philippe Lesage
‘No Men Beyond This Point’ — Canada – Mark Sawers
‘The Bodyguard’ — China/Hong Kong – Yue Song
‘Alice in Earnestland’ — South Korea – Gooc-jin Ahn
‘That Feeling’ — Spain – Juan Cavestany, Julián Génisson, Pablo Hernando
‘Bone Tomahawk’ — USA – S. Craig Zahler
‘Something Between Us’ — USA – Jodie Mack
‘Solitary Acts’ — USA/Turkey – Nazli Dincel
‘Despite the Night’ — France – Philippe Grandrieux
‘The Lure’ — Poland – Agnieszka Smoczynska
‘Demon’ — Poland/Israel – Marcin Wrona
‘Maria do Mar’ — Portugal – Manuel Mozos
‘Ashes and Embers’ — Portugal – João Rosas
‘Stand By for Tape Back-Up’ — U.K. – Ross Sutherland
‘Traces of Garden’ — Sweden/Germany – Wolfgang Lehmann
‘The Island Funeral’ — Thailand – Pimpaka Towira
‘Le Moulin’ — Taiwan – Chung Lee
‘The Laundryman’ — Taiwan – Huang Ya-li

Off competition:
‘A Dragon Arrives!’ — Iran – Mani Haghighi
‘Homo Sapiens’ — Austria – Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Latin American Competition
‘The Streets’ — Argentina – María Aparicio
‘Italian Romantic’ — Argentina – Adriano Salgado
‘Julius’s Last Christmas’ — Bolivia – Edmundo Bejarano
‘Loader 1118’ — Brazil – Eduardo Consonni y Rodrigo Marques
‘Tila: Fragments of a Psychopath’ — Chile – Alejandro Torres Contreras
‘Immortal’ — Colombia/Spain – Homer Etminani
‘Territorio’ — Ecuador – Alexandra Cuesta
‘UIO: Take Me for a Ride’ — Ecuador/Colombia/Mexico – Micaela Rueda
‘Wild Flowers’ — Mexico – Pablo Pérez Lombardini
‘WIK’ — Peru – Rodrigo Moreno del Valle

Off competition:
‘Plants’ — Chile – Roberto Doveris
Human Rights Competition
‘Writing on the City’ — Iran – Keywan Karimi
‘The Memory of the Bones’ — Argentina – Facundo Beraudi
‘FtWTF’ — Female to What the F— – Austria – Katharina Lampert and Cordula Thym
‘Belle de nuit’ — Grisélidis Réal autoportraits – Belgium – Marie-Eve de Grave
‘Juanicas’ — Canada/Mexico – Karina García Casanova
‘Far from Home’ — Spain/France – Vanessa Rousselot
‘I Am Charlie’ — France – Daniel Leconte and Emmanuel Leconte
‘Ombre della sera’ — Italy – Valentina Esposito
‘A Maid for Each’ — Lebanon – Maher Abi Samra
‘The Letters’ — Mexico – Pedro Chavarría
‘Ever the Land’ — New Zealand – Sarah Grohnert
‘A Man Returned’ — U.K./Palestine/Lebanon/Netherlands – Mahdi Fleifel

Off competition:
‘Plants’ — Chile – Roberto Doveris
‘Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)’ — Iraq/France – Abbas Fahdel


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