Dr. Strangelove Production Designer, Sir Ken Adam, Dies


After a brief hospital stay, Ken Adam died at home, aged 95. Born Klaus Adam in 1921, but forced to flee Germany as he entered his teens. However, he would always hold onto his Berlin accent as he moved on to live in England.

Adam is known for his collaboration with Stanley Kubrick to create the iconic War Room set from ‘Dr. Strangelove’ as well as numerous sets through out the James Bond franchise; including ‘Moonraker’ and ‘Dr. No.’ His work has earned him two Academy Awards.

His death was confirmed by Sir Christopher Frayling, his biographer, who told the BBC: “As a person he was remarkable. Roger Moore once said about him that his life was a great deal more interesting than most of the films that he designed.”
“He was a brilliant visualizer of worlds we will never be able to visit ourselves – the War Room under the Pentagon in Dr Strangelove, the interior of Fort Knox in Goldfinger – all sorts of interiors which, as members of the public, we are never going to get to see, but he created an image of them that was more real than real itself.”


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