The Dog Wedding: Or How Learned To Stop Critiquing And Smile Through The Movie


Everybody loves dogs. Or so assumes the premise of ‘Dog Wedding,’ a good-natured romantic comedy about a relationship that sparks when two owners go about marrying their dogs. If you’re a fan of camp and easy watching, this dog romance might be for you. The story may not be something to marvel at, but the film knows what it is. It’s in it for the laugh and cute canine hijinks.

In the two starring roles opposite one another is Matt Bloom and Rosalie Thomas. Bloom plays a sweet soft-spoken character with a similar wrestling history background as his own. Most of the comedy in Bloom’s scenes comes from his acting in contrast to his type, taking on a gentle giant persona, managing to make you crack a smile.

The other end of the relationship is Thomas, who plays a German businesswoman come to shut down a pickle factory in the United States. She acts cold and unemotional, under the influence of her father, who is her boss at work, but really just wants to be loved. The clashing personalities unite as they spend more time with one another in their plans for the ensuing dog nuptials.

There are interesting scenes peppered throughout the film, but overall it fails to pick up steam and pull you along for the journey. ‘Dog Wedding’ is better off cut into short web episodes for quick bite size enjoyment. All together, the story drags, jokes rarely land, and there is hardly any reason why this story needed to be told as a movie. Though, if you’re looking for something to put on for your kids or dog as you finish other things around the house, ‘Dog Wedding’ will get the job done.


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