The 8TH Annual Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (LABRFF)


Film producers Meire Fernandes and Nazareno Paulo are the visionaries behind the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival. Their latest production “Colors of Love” a narrative short about Autism, will be screened during the Special Screenings – USA on Tuesday, September 15th @ 4:15pm | Regent Theater
Now in its eighth year, the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival is recognized as the most prestigious Brazilian film festival outside Brazil.
LABRFF, 2015 runs from September 13 to 16. Opening night will be presented at Harmony Gold. All other screenings take place at Landmark Regent theatre in Westwood.
Showcasing the best in new Brazilian cinema and providing the movie-loving public with access to some of the most critically and important Brazilian filmmakers, film industry professionals and emerging new talent by bringing them together in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world.
The Festival features special programs including a Filmmakers Retreat, several panels, intimate Coffee Talks and much more. Additionally, the Festival screens short films created by Brazilian talents living in the United States.
Since 2008 hundreds of films screened at the Festival have gained critical recognition, received commercial distribution, and reached worldwide audiences eager for fresh perspectives and new voices. With over 300 films screened and 72 awards distributed, the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival promotes and disseminates the Brazilian audiovisual at the world capital of cinema, Hollywood.
BRAZILIAN FILM MARKET AGENDAThe Brazilian Film Market (BFM) is part of the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival activities and was created to bring filmmakers, funders, studio executives, agents, mentors together with LABRFF members and their projects.
2015 Brazilian Film Market Selected ProjectsPitching SessionsTuesday, September 15th 9:00amAKA Beverly Hills155 N Crescent Dr – Beverly Hills, CA 90210Complimentary Valet Parking
* Pitching sessions are for LABRFF members only. If you want to attend it please become a member by clicking at
After a rigorous selecting process, LABRFF announces the projects to be presented at their Pitching Sessions:Ms. Garderner (TV Series)Snax (TV Series)Curves Ahead (TV Series)Desertores (TV Series)The Colonel and the Fisherman (Feature Film)The Bounty Hunter (Feature Film)Americana (TV Series)
LABRFF – Los Angeles Brazilian Film FestivalSunday, September 13th @ 7:30pm | Harmony GoldNarrative CompetitionFarewell | A Despedida2014 | 90 min | BrazilBased on a true story, Farewell tells the story of Admiral, a 92-year-old man, who decides that the time has come to say goodbye to all that is most important in his life and spends one last night with his lover who is 55 years younger than him. His life has been showing clear signs that it is coming to an end, which makes the experience dense, deep and urgent.Director: Marcelo GalvãoCast: Juliana Paes, Nelson XavierProducer: Marcelo GalvãoDirector of Photography: Eduardo MakinoMake Up Artist: Roger FerrariSoundtrack: Ed CortesWardrobe: Kiki OronaEditor: Rodrigo Menecucci
Monday, September 14th
Monday, September 14th @ 1:30pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USAMarinho2014 | 15 min | USAThe CEO of an energy company is kidnapped, leading to a dramatic examination of his powerful family’s dealings. At his celebratory company party Marinho Junior receives an urgent call from his pregnant wife, Bianca, and decides to leave the party. His life suddenly takes a tailspin that he seemingly never planned on. The LAPD find themselves knee deep in suspects as it seems that everyone has an axe to grind, with many of them standing to benefit from Antonio Junior’s demise. The manhunt begins.Director: Abigail SteinbergCast: Eric Marinho, Joe Duquette, Elizabeth Arends, Jenn Gotzon, Kristina Denton, Mark HengstProducer: Eric Marinho, Abigail SteinbergDirector of Photography: Fabian J. TehraniMake Up Artist: Silvia AguilaSoundtrack: Adam EdwardsEditor: David Azer
Monday, September 14th @ 1:30pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USAJulie2014 | 20 min | USAMadalena, a ten-year-old who spends an afternoon with her grandfather listening how he met his first wife. Julie, an unstable and dependent girl who doesn’t see her life going by. Two similar and different stories happen at the same time and show us that mistakes may get repeated no matter when.Director: Sérgio MinehiraCast: Tatyana Figueiredo, Johnnas Oliva, Flávio BelliniProducer: Juliana ColomboDirector of Photography: Marcel YokodaMake Up Artist: Juliana QueirozSoundtrack: Caue MurattWardrobe: Thaís CerajolliEditor: Sérgio BarinoMonday, September 14th @ 1:30pm | Regent Theater
Monday, September 14th @ 1:30pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USAThe Perfect Stroke | A Batida Perfeita2013 | 27 min | USAThe Perfect Stroke is an inspiring story about a tennis player, William, and a country girl, Joli, who are deeply in love and struggle to stay together. The story shows how they come from two different worlds, but yet they both desire the same thing, happiness and love. It is tragic and surreal, but also very positive and uplifting.Director: Gui AgustiniCast: Gui Agustini, Christina Breza, Samuel Umoh, Clinton ArchambaultProducer: Thomas Breza, Juan OchoaDirector of Photography: Rodrigo TorresMake Up Artist: Vivian CabreraSoundtrack: Logan Hayes (Score), Richard Cortez (Music)Editor: Diego Nossa
Monday, September 14th @ 3:00pm | Regent TheaterSpecial ShortsThy Kingdom Come | Voltando para Casa2014 | 25 min | BrazilThe young siblings Leticia and Fernando live in an old fashioned home, run by their domineering, religious and very traditional father. When the father sees Fernando kissing another boy, his intense contempt of his son darkens the household. The situation affects Leticia’s first choreography assignment in school, and assisted by her brother, the dance becomes an outlet for their shared frustrations, until the unthinkable occurs.Director: Thiago KistenmackerCast: Roney Villela, Thainá Rocha, Cauê Pereira, Guilherme QueirozProducer: Thiago Kistenmacker, Aimée KistenmackerDirector of Photography: Gabriel de Carvalho, Leonardo BritoMake Up Artist: Facada FX, Tainá Iunes, Tatiana Pérez, Sid AndradeOriginal Soundtrack: Mariana Bahia, Roberto Moura.Wardrobe: Tainá IunesEditor: Thiago Kistenmacker
Monday, September 14th @ 3:00pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USABrazil My Love | Brasil Meu Amor2015 | 83 min | USAAt a time of great social and political upheaval in Brazil, BRAZIL MY LOVE follows the relationship between Morena and Osvaldo, who live in Los Angeles, from its inception through its seemingly inevitable breakup. The failing relationship is held in sharp contrast to a loud Brazilian Dinner organized by expatriates to discuss the recent protests in Brazil.Director: Debora Reis TottonCast: Marina No Stop, Neto DePaula PimentaProducer: James B Totton, Debora Reis Totton, Ana Silvani, Bianca Dubeux McMahanDirector of Photography: Leigh UnderwoodSoundtrack: Michael Mc Gregor

Monday, September 14th @ 5:10pm | Regent TheaterShort CompetitionAllegory of Pain | Alegoria da Dor2015 | 13 min | BrazilAn essay on the pain moved by the memory.Director: Matheus ViannaCast: Naia PrattaProducer: Matheus Vianna, Naia Pratta, Carla RebouçasDirector of Photography: Jerônimo Soffer, Agnes CajaibaSoundtrack: Bob BastosEditor: Matheus Vianna
Monday, September 14th @ 5:10pm | Regent TheaterSpecial FeaturesThe Turn of The Year | A Noite da Virada2014 | 92 min | BrazilAll Ana wanted was to throw a big New Year’s Eve party. But the bathroom turns out to be the main stage for a lot of gossip and confusion. Duda, Ana’s husband, confesses that he’ll be leaving her, and she finds out that the reason for that is their neighbor Rosa, unhappily married to Mario. In the night of the turn of the year, everything can happen. And it does.Director: Fabio MendonçaCast: Luana Piovani, Marcos Palmeira, Júlia Rabello, Paulo Tiefenthaler, Luana Martau, João Vicente de Castro, Martha Nowill, Taumaturgo Ferreira, Rodrigo Sant’anna, Juliano Enrico, Daniel Furlan, Anselmo VasconcelosProducer: Andrea Barata Ribeiro, Bel BelinckDirector of Photography: Marcelo Trotta, ABCMake Up Artist: André AnastácioSoundtrack: Beto VillaresWardrobe: Andrea SimonettiEditor: Deo Teixeira
Monday, September 14th @ 7:10pm | Regent TheaterSpecial ShortsThe Myth of Garrincha | O Mito Garrincha2014 | 23 min | BrazilIn Brazil, Pelé is ”The King.” But his teammate, Mané Garrincha, is also remembered as the one of the best soccer players of all time. In a country where the sport grants its protagonists such royal deference, Garrincha is the jester — an entertainer who amused crowds and turned soccer into an irresistible spectacle, all while helping Brazil capture two World Cups. This, despite his legs being so bent that early in his career doctors deemed him unfit to play professionally. Match after match, he proved them wrong. But his unpredictable moves were of little assistance after his playing career came to an end. And from that point on, his life spiraled into a series of tragic events. But his legend lived on.Director: Marcos Horacio AzevedoProducer: Marcello SerafimDirector of Photography: Andre HortaEditor: Marcos Horacio Azevedo
Monday, September 14th @ 7:10pm | Regent TheaterDocumentary CompetitionAngel of Hamburg | Esse Viver Ninguém Me Tira2014 | 85 min | DocumentaryAracy was a amazing woman! From this phrase the director begins his search for Aracy de Carvalho Guimarães Rosa. Anonymous heroine, died forgetting and being forgotten, Victim of Alzheimer’s in a country without memory. The only Brazilian recognized between the nations, lived in the shadow of her husband, the famous writer João Guimarães Rosa.Her subversive activity in the Brazilian consulate in Hamburg saved lives in Nazi Germany. Starting from a very little documentation available and prevented from speaking about her relationship with her husband for copyright issues, the director throws light on this existence through their own personal motives. And, what starts as a curiosity,suddenly turns into a deep gratitude.Director: Caco CioclerProducer: Monica Monteiro, CINE GROUPDirector of Photography: Jacob Solitrenick e Geronimo LessaEditor: Caroline Leone, Mariela Falatycki 
Monday, September 14th @ 9:15pm | Regent TheaterShort CompetitionThe Good Partners | Os Bons Parceiros2014 | 20 min | BrazilA group of friends known as THE GOOD PARTNERS get together one night to make some rounds and raise some Money. But one of the robberies goes wrong and they have to choose life or death of one of them. Adapted from the work of renowned playwright Plinio Marcos.Director: Elder FragaCast: Luciano Quirino, Thogun Teixeira, Ricardo Gelli, Daniel Torres, Laerte Késsimos, Milton Lacerda, Johnnas Oliva, Gabriela Wazlawick, Magno Argolo, Manoel Lima, Rubens Espinoza, Renato Cruz, Maria da Glória StevamProducer: Roberto ChristoDirector of Photography: Dino PoliMake Up Artist: Raphael BorgiSoundtrack: Andrei MoyssiadisWardrobe: Iraci de JesusEditor: Jorge Mende
Monday, September 14th @ 9:15pm | Regent TheaterNarrative CompetitionWe Are So Young | Somos Tão Jovens2013 | 104 min | BrazilBrasilia, 1976. Prisoner in his room by an illness, Renato, 16, dreams to become a rock star. Five year later, creating the band Legião Urbana, he initiates the path of the most important Brazilian rock band of all times and becomes the spokesman of a new urban legion of Brazilian youngsters.Director: Antonio Carlos da FontouraCast: Thiago Mendonça, Laila Zaid, Bruno Torres, Olivia Torres, Daniel Passi, Sergio Dalcin, Nicolau Villa Lobos, Sandra Corveloni, Marcos BredaProducer: Canto Claro Produções ArtísticasDirector of Photography: Alexasndre ErnelMake Up Artist: Rosemary PaivaSoundtrack: Carlos Trilha on Renato Russo songsWardrobe: Veronica JulianEditor: Dirceu Lustosa
Tuesday, September 15th
Tuesday, September 15th @ 2:45pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USAAngeline2014 | 30 min | USAJon Cooper (Jonathan Hurley) is an ex-Iraqi war vet and a retired Mafia hit man. While hiding from his past, Jon meets Angeline (Lauren McKenna) and falls in love with her at first sight in the City of Angels. But before he gets to know her, Angeline mysteriously disappears. Jon subsequently embarks on a search for her, hoping to find her again. James Jimenez (Ed Polgardy), the FBI chief pledges to bring the Italian mob boss Frank Luciano (Mike Gaglio) and his associates to justice. He tries to convince Jon to testify against Frank in exchange for wiping his slate clean. However, when he learns that Jon knows about a personal dirty little secret that could jeopardize his life, he puts Jon on his hit list. Meanwhile, Frank recruits Joe Carter (Joseph Daniel) from the Bronx and teams him up with his nephew, Richie Lorenzo (Paul Cervenka) to eliminate James and his contract killer. When Joe and Richie go after their marks, Angeline gets caught up in the action.
Will Jimmy succeed in his mission to bring down Frank? Will Jon ever find Angeline again? But who is Angeline? Don’t forget to catch the special screening of this assassin thriller set against the backdrop of the City of Angels only at the 2015 Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival.Director: David Sandeep RobertProducer: David Sandeep RobertDirector of Photography: David Sandeep RobertSoundtrack: Kevin McLeodEditor: David Sandeep RobertProp: Mike GaglioVisual Effects: Adesh Bharadwaj and David Sandeep RobertCast: Johnathan Hurley, Lauren McKenna Sherman, Ed Polgardy, Mike Gaglio, Joseph Danielle, Paul Cervenka
Tuesday, September 15th @ 2:45pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USABeyond The Life | Além da Vida2014 | 22 min | USAA story of a young man who falls in love wish life is getting to an end due to drugs addiction. The true story explores how much someone is willing to sacrifice for love.Director: Jose AlexzanderCast: Carola Parmejano, Emerson Henao, Harold Clinton, Rene Granado, Elda Medina, Thamys Bertoli, Wanderson dos SantosProducer: Jose AlexzanderDirector of Photography: Lucas FaillaceMake Up Artist: Jose AlexzanderSoundtrack: Carlos VilmaWardrobe: Jose AlexzanderEditor: Andres Perez
Tuesday, September 15th @ 2:45pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USATe Amo! Shabbat Shalom2014 | 16 min | USAThe short just won The Audience Award at Santa Monica, California’s “Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival.” First screening! First festival! First award!A romantic comedy set in Los Angeles, a free-spirited Brazilian actress strives to balance her demanding Hollywood career with the strict rules of Judaism. Ayeme (Aymara Limma) is confronted with a choice: between her successful acting career and her vows as a recent religious convert. Luckily, her husband Mike (Anthony Kantor), a semi-observant Jewish attorney, is by her side.Director: Aymara LimmaCast: Aymara Limma, Anthony Kantor, Daniel Lee Robertson III, Mike AlProducer: Aymara LimmaDirector of Photography: Aymara LimmaMake Up Artist: Aymara LimmaSoundtrack: Daniel CarneiroWardrobe: Aymara LimmaEditor: Joshua Van Meter, Color timing by Pitof
Tuesday, September 15th @ 4:15pm | Regent TheaterShort CompetitionEmpty | Vazio2015 | 15 min | BrazilAccording to the director, EMPTY, ” it is an intense psychological drama”. The story shows a young man who, after sex, decides to leave the woman he just met in a bar. He gets a shuttle to go home, finding the girl again. After that unpleasant things happen, marking their lives forever .Director: Hsu ChienCast: Robson Torinni, Daniele Porfírio, Sacha Bali, Marcio Rosario, Maria Clara, Zulu Aborigene, Rodrigo RosadoProducer: Marcio RosarioDirector of Photography: João TristaoMake Up Artist: Fabio YamasakiSoundtrack: Rodrigo Zaidan, Rodolfo IriarteWardrobe: Fernanda FabrizziEditor: Estevão Meneguzzo
Tuesday, September 15th @ 4:15pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USAColors of Love2015 | 22 min | USAThe story revolves around two dynamic people, Jen and Eric. Eric is a successful businessman moving to Los Angeles to start a new business. Jen is an autistic painter that has always seen the world in black and white. Together they embark on a journey of self discovery.
The lesson for everyone is that ”Special” and ”Different” doesn’t mean right or wrong. In fact it means richer and more colorful if we allow and accept others to enter our world.Director: Salvatore TassoneCast: Kerry Knuppe, Pasquale Cassalia, John J Vogel, Art Kulik, Nicole HawkyardProducer: Salvator Tassone, Meire Fernandes, Patricia TeixeiraDirector of Photography: Juan Camilo BarrigaMake Up Artist: Rosie Dupratt, Nicole Hawkyard, Jessica SchulteSoundtrack: Pablo ManaveloWardrobe: Diana AragonEditor: Humberto Simonetti Tuesday, September 15th @ 5:10pm | Regent TheaterSpecial Screenings – USAVlado2014 | 20 min | USAVlado is the fictionalized portrayal of the night before real-life Brazilian journalist Vladimir Herzog, turned himself in for questioning to the police and was never heard from again. Set in São Paulo in 1975, during the Brazilian military dictatorship, the story sets to illustrate one man’s final moments and the events that would change a country.Director: Felipe MucciCast: Bernardo de Paula, Tiago Riani, Luciana Faulhauber, Ramiro Paré, Kelly NatividadeProducer: Gurjeet BassiDirector of Photography: Daga MalinskaMake Up Artist: Lauren BencomoSoundtrack: Erick del AquilaWardrobe: Bruna MebsEditor: Anisha Acharya
Tuesday, September 15th @ 5:10pm | Regent TheaterSpecial FeaturesRondon | Rondon – Pagmejere – O Grande Chefe2015 | 87 min | BrazilMarechal Cândido Rondon led expeditions that covered more than 10 thousand square kilometers of Brazilian territory. Rondon was responsible for the first contact with Indians under the slogan ”die, if necessary; kill, never. ” enabling the start of a peaceful coexistence between Indians and whites. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Rondon died at the age of 92, in Rio de Janeiro.
Based on the historical events, the film creates a fictional meeting between a Brazilian journalist and Marechal Rondon at his residence. For a whole day, Rondon told his stories full of adventure.Director: Marcelo SantiagoCast: Nelson Xavier, Marcos Winter, Paulo Reis, Aldo Perrotta, Bel Garcia, Jaqueline Dantas, Rui Ricardo Diaz, Keruse BongioloProducer: Rodrigo PiovezanDirector of Photography: Guy GonçalvesMake Up Artist: Marina BeltrãoSoundtrack: André RangelWardrobe: Pati Monteiro, Jane KlitzkeEditor: André Rangel
Tuesday, September 15th @ 7:15pm | Regent TheaterShort CompetitionNocaute Knockout | Nocaute2015 | 19 min | BrazilDiana (Jacqueline Machoeh) is a MMA fighter married to a former fighter (Andre Ramiro). When she has the opportunity to run a major championship, she founds out a cancer.Director: Fernando NegrovskCast: Jaqueline Macohe, Andre Ramiro, Valeria Alencar, Joao Vitti, Jone Brabo, Iran MalfitanoProducer: Cláudia GutierrezDirector of Photography: Valter MenezesMake Up Artist: Rosa BandeiraWardrobe: Rosa BandeiraEditor: Paulo Martinatti Tuesday, September 15th @ 7:15pm | Regent TheaterNarrative CompetitionSimone2013 | 72 min | BrazilSIMONE always had relations with women. Until she realized that she needed something more. A film that explores the concept of sexual freedom; a story surrounded by inner questions and uncertainties that call into question the convictions of the protagonist.Based on true events, SIMONE blends elements of fiction and documentary, plays with the theatrical creation and editing, creating a unique world, private and intimate.Director: Juan ZapataCast: Simone Telecchi, Roberto Birindelli, Natalia MikeliunasProducer: Juan ZapataDirector of Photography: Pablo ChasserauxMake Up Artist: Bernardo ZorteaSoundtrack: Kiko Ferraz StudiosMusic: Everton RodriguezWardrobe: Camis Lee e Rafael SchwendlerEditor: Kiko Ferraz and Nathalia Silva
Tuesday, September 15th @ 9:10pm | Regent TheaterSpecial ShortsOf Slaves and Saints | Escravos e Santos2014 | 27 min | BrazilIn the confines of the outback of Bahia, every 12th of October, men and women gather to celebrate the Langa of Our Lady Aparecida. To the fervent sounds of prayers and traditional music, they dance and sing throughout the night, expressing their devotion to the Black saint. But this mystical scenario conceals sad stories. These are stories of pain and suffering. Stories of enslaved men and women, told by the Black people of the region, the way they heard from their grandparents and great-grandparents.Director: Marcio de AbreuProducer: Marcio de AbreuDirector of Photography: Kaya VerrunoSoundtrack: Anderson CunhaEditor: Kaya Verruno
Tuesday, September 15th @ 9:10pm | Regent TheaterNarrative CompetitionBetween Us | Entre Nós2013 | 97 min | BrazilIsolated from the rest of the world on a country estate, a group of young friends decide to write and then bury letters addressed to themselves to be opened ten years later. But then, after a tragic car accident, they all go their separate ways and lose contact. Now, their reencounter will bring to light old passions, new frustrations and a secret buried in the past.Director: Paulo MorelliCast: Caio Blat, Carolina Dieckmann, Maria Ribeiro, Martha Nowill, Julio Andrade, Paulo Vilhena, Lee TaylorProducer: Paulo Morelli e Diane MaiaDirector of Photography: Gustavo HadbaMake Up Artist: André AnastácioSoundtrack: Beto VillaresWardrobe: Andrea SimonettiEditor: Lucas Gonzaga
Wed September 16th
Wednesday, September 16th @ 2:00pm | Regent TheaterSpecial ShortsThe Evangelist | O Evangelista2013 | 14 min | BrazilChico Xavier, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Pope John Paul II and Albert Einstein preached his doctrines. Mr. Gelson preaches his.Gelson Luis Gonçalves has seventy-four years, and evangelize every day walking with your bike through the streets of the Baixada Fluminense. For him, his life has this mission. Evangelize.Director: Ricardo Rodrigues, Vitor GraccianoCast: Gelson Luis GonçalvesProducer: Kaado Pinheiro, J. UlivanDirector of Photography: Vitor GraccianoMake Up Artist: Vitor GraccianoSoundtrack: Vitor GraccianoWardrobe: Ricardo RodriguesEditor: Vitor Gracciano
Wednesday, September 16th @ 2:00pm | Regent TheaterSpecial ShortsImpressions | Impressões2014 | 12 min | BrazilA tourist is robbed by a thief on a slum in Rio de Janeiro and he is helped by a mototaxi driver. A girl photograph the fact. Their lives are connected for a day and they find their impressions about people and the city is not what seems to be.Director: Aline RezendeCast: Erika Mader, André Ramiro, Daniel Fontes e Alberto GoyenaProducer: Daniel FontesDirector of Photography: Dib Lutfi, Andrea Cebukin, Gustavo CassanoSoundtrack: Daniel Fontes, Marcelo CebukinWardrobe: Karen RochaEditor: Ale Coelho, Cris Oliveira
Wednesday, September 16th @ 2:00pm | Regent TheaterSpecial ShortsWait | Espera2015 | 8 min | BrazilRegina Bastos live on a desert island in southern Brazil. Her life has become quiet and lonely since the departure of her great love Beto Bruel. For over twenty years Regina will the beach every afternoon looking at sea waiting for him to bring her love back.Director: Victor RibeiroCast: Regina Bastos, Beto BruelProducer: Victor RibeiroDirector of Photography: Victor RibeiroEditor: Victor Ribeiro:   Wednesday, September 16th @ 2:50pm | Regent TheaterShort CompetitionThe House Job | O Golpe2015 | 15 min | BrazilIn debt with a dangerous loan shark, Paulo plans an insurance fraud to get money. However, a series of events puts his plan in jeopardy.Director: FIlippo Capuzzi LapietraCast: Tato Gabus Mendes, Fabio Marcoff, João Côrtes, Arthur Kohl, Felipe Ehrenberg, Franco Ventura, Paola Rodrigues, Mauro Lúcio TorresProducer: Stefano Capuzzi LapietraDirector of Photography: Toni Gorbi, abcMake Up Artist: Pedro Catellani, Luisa Doria KiddoEditor: Pedro Andretta
Wednesday, September 16th @ 2:50pm | Regent TheaterDocumentary CompetitionBack Home to Stay | Meu Lugar de Origem2015 | 77 min | Brazil“Meu Lugar de Origem” (“Back Home to Stay”) is a documentary that tells the story of Brazil’s National Circus School from its foundation in 1982 to its return to Bandeira Square on December 17, 2012, in parallel with Brazilian political history. It speaks of the now somewhat forgotten circus art magic. The National Circus School was one of the greatest Education Ministry projects in the 1980s and was the first registered circus school in Latin America.Director: Thiago ValenteCast: Luiz Olimecha, Orlando Miranda, Erminia Silva, Alice Viveiros de Castro, Ângela Cericola, Latur Azevedo, Jamelão, Albyr Ramos, Edilson dos Santos, Pirajá Bastos, Delisier Rthy, Ana Christina Olimecha “Toquinho”, Edson da Silva, Cheila Adriana, Aberaldo Costa, Zezo Oliveira, Paulo Hartung, Bruno Gawryszewski, Celso José, Marcelinton de Souza, Wilma Maria, Leon Schlosser, Janaina Botelho, Antonio Rigoberto, Juliana, Berti, Gabriel Alves, Natasha Jascalevich, Davi Hora, Rafael Munhoz, Isaurina da Paixão, Walter Carlo, Gabriel Jacques, Andrea Satie, Jussiane MartinsProducer: Alexandre AvanciniDirector of Photography: Diogo Fujimura, Marco PercinotoMusical Director and Original Score: Daniel FigueiredoEditing and Animation: Fabio Varicoda
Wednesday, September 16th @ 4:45pm | Regent TheaterShort CompetitionVirgins | Virgens2015 | 14 min | BrazilVirgins depicts the encounter between the film’s director Victor Ribeiro with artist Bruna Mayer, author of works ”Virgin”. The plot intensifies to the extent that a seductive game in the relationship between the two characters lead to unexpected and dreamlike universe.Director: Victor RibeiroCast: Bruna MayerProducer: Victor Ribeiro, Bruna MayerDirector of Photography: André FancioMake Up Artist: Anna SchoembergerSoundtrack: Renato NavarroWardrobe: Bruna MayerEditor: Victor Ribeiro
Wednesday, September 16th @ 4:45pm | Regent TheaterNarrative CompetitionInsubordinados Insubordinate 2014 | 82 min | BrazilJanete has her life on hold. With her dad (a reformed coronel from the military police) facing a death state in the hospital, she does nothing but spend his last days beside him writing incessantly on a notebook.Thus, the Assistant Chief Diana Simoes becomes the alter ego of Janete and some of people who surrounds her take part in Janete’s literary fantasy.Director: Edu FelistoqueCast: Silvia Lourenço, Priscilla Alpha, Sergio Cavalcante, Rodrigo Brassoloto, Ronaldo Lampi, Gabriela Veiga, Felipe Kannenberg, Wandereley de Oliveira, Phil Miller, Kadi Moreno, Leo Monteiro, Marlene Crispin, Isis Nascimento, Alessandro Hänel, Bruno EliasProducer: Victoria MazziaDirector of Photography: Duda CatenacciMake Up Artist: Grogory MargattoSoundtrack: Banda Constantina, Daniel Nunes (lise), Franny GlassWardrobe: Julio Cesar CarvalhoEditor: Marina Franzolim, Guga Pera, Gab Felistoque
Wednesday, September 16th @ 6:45pm | Regent TheaterShort CompetitionZero Tolerance | Tolerância Zero2014 | 19 min | BrazilBrazil is out of control. The corruption has reached all the sectors in our country – a poor nation where the only thing it doesn’t lack is money. After all the scandals caused by our politicians, a tactical group begins to hunt down the most corrupt in Brazil as an attempt to put order in our country and change the government’s plans. For that, the squad might need to take drastic measures, severe precaution and irreversible actions. The problem is that some of the politicians don’t let their guard down. Not everyone likes a plan B.Director: Aleksander NascimentoCast: Aleksander Nascimento, Igor Camargo, Tiziani Edler, Edson Carteri, Michael Bampi, Gael CarrionProducer: Kênia SouzaDirector of Photography: Aleksander NascimentoMake Up Artist: Kênia SouzaSoundtrack: Yoho Musik Arsenal, Eduardo Klafke, Luiz Reolon, Leonardo PietrowskiSound Mixer: Pedro ScheinWardrobe: Kênia SouzaEditor: Aleksander Nascimento
Wednesday, September 16th @ 6:45pm | Regent TheaterSpecial FeaturesMen are from Mars … and it’s where I’m going! |Os Homens são de Marte… e é pra lá que eu vou!2014 | 108 min | BrazilFernanda, a successful wedding planner, is an example of a third Millennium woman: independent and workaholic. Yet in her personal life she finds herself struggling to find a husband.Director: Marcus BaldiniCast: Mônica Martelli, Paulo Gustavo, Daniele ValenteProducer: Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha, Karen CastanhoDirector of Photography: Pedro FarkasMake Up Artist: André AnastácioSoundtrack: Plínio ProfetaWardrobe: Letícia BarbieriEditor: Marcelo Moraes
Wednesday, September 16th @ 9:15pm | Regent TheaterShort CompetitionThe Diary of New Remembrances | Diário de Novas Lembranças2014 | 13 min | BrazilSomeone who can’t remember his past and steals other people’s dreams, for fear of forgetting his own history, decides do write a diary. A fable about imagination.Director: João Pedro OctCast: Renato Macedo, Selton Mello, Marcela MacedoProducer: Selton MelloDirector of Photography: João Pedro OctSoundtrack: Plínio ProfetaWardrobe: Clarice Vasconcelos, Gustavo LeiteEditor: João Pedro Oct, Renato Macedo
Closing Night Premiere
Wednesday, September 16th @ 9:15pm | Regent TheaterAmong Bees | Entre Abelhas2015 | 83 min | Brazil”Entre Abelhas” is a feature film about Bruno, a young film editor who has just broke up his marriage with Regina, and returned living in his mother’s house. Drowned in deep sorrow, something very weird happens in his life: people around him are gradually disappearing. Some kind of blindness.Director: Ian SBFCast: Fábio Porchat, Irene Ravache, Marcos Veras, Luis Lobianco, Giovana Lancelotti, Marcelo Valle, Silvio Matos, Letícia Lima, Camillo Borges, Kim Archetti, Simone Mazzer, Micheli Machado, Flávia ReisProducer: Eliane Ferreira, Tereza GonzalezDirector of Photography: Alexandre RamosSoundtrack: José Moreau LouzeiroEditor: Ian SBF, Bruno Pimenta
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