Polish Film Festival, LA, program for October 9 & 10


14th Edition of Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles opens on October 8 and continues until October 17.Here is the complete program of the festival:
Laemmle’s NoHo7 Theatre, 5240 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 (310-478-3836)
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 (in person: Julia Kolberger, Jakub Paczek)
7:00 p.mAnimation Program: (free to attend)
ANATEMA by  Justyna Podzorny (2 min.) The presented world is a symbolic reality of anti-utopia. A scenery is a city with developed civilization, but there is visible degradation of society. The animation shows the mentally aspect of human life – what they can felling in technically developed world. People making rash decisions and fulfilling fancies without thinking of consequences are as a machine. A main character is so called “a free mind” – who became aware of owns position in the World. The character is a projector, which project memoirs, and is a camera, which observe, and perceive the world. So he would like escape and be free…
BALANCO by Anna Kozbiel (5 mni.) It appears that rhythm isn’t only the musical value. It’s everywhere around – in space, in movement, in cyclical nature of time – and us; also inside. In our veins, in our heads. We create it and we are embedded in it. We are connected with what’s outside. Perhaps it’s the easiest language in the world?
Balanco is a Brazilian word and means balance, also swing and charm of music.
THE BALLAD OF NAMELESS JO (Ballada o bezimiennym Joe) by Mateusz Heldweig (14 min.) The temptation of fame and fortune may lead to horrific and dangerous decisions. Unable to deal with the consequences of making a pact with the devil, Billy Bob cons his friend Joe into paying his debt. Except that Joe ends up returning from hell, wanting to settle the score.
A FAREWELL TO THE LITTLE WARRIOR (Pozegnanie malego wojownika) by Z. Szyszak (5 min.) A story of the one of millions boys, who believed in politician’s declara¬tions and joined their armies. Young heroes. They fight. They die. Bro¬ken. Eaten by the monster of war.
IN THE MOONLIGHT (W swietle ksiezyca) by Zofia Dabrowska (2 min.) This is a short story about a fat boy. Suddenly his dinner is interrupted by a strange sound from the outside.
LULLABY (Kolysanka) by Piotr Dumala) (3 min.) The citizens and guests of a beautiful town start to disappear mysteriously one by one. An investigation is started by police. However, innocent victims continue to disappear as if they were swallowed by the earth. The action full of unexpected twists, uncovers a dark secret.
THE MYSTERY OF THE MALAKKA MOUNTAIN (Tajemnica gory Mallakka) by J. Wronski (21 min.) This film introduces us to the prepossessing universe; shrouded in mystery, that cannot be mastered. A young Junior leads a life of a very special boy – he smokes and holds constant inner monologues on the most existential of issues. His mother and two twin sisters live in the shadow of their father – a living legend air force pilot, who, one day doesn’t return from another secret mission. When the box with his personal belongings found in the plane wreck is delivered to the family, Junior, encouraged by his father speaking to him from the picture, decides to trace his footsteps and solve the mystery of what exactly happened at the foot of the Malakka mountain were his father was seen for the last time. This animation by Wronski is a mesmerizing story of growing up and the need of knowing the truth.
ONCE THERE WAS A KING (Byl sobie krol) by Tytus Majerski (5 min.) An interpretation of a lullaby based on a poem written by Polish poet Janina Porazinska. A boy, living with his parents in a small, wooden house sees planes flying overhead in formation. The planes are passing by silently, harbingers of evil. The plot has two layers. The literal illustration of the lullaby sang by boy’s mother becomes interwoven with his life.
TO THY HEART (Do serca twego) by Ewa Borysewicz (10 min.)
VELOCITY by Karolina Glusiec (6 mni.) I always thought I had a perfect memory. I wanted to show these drawings to you. A collection of drawings, memories and loss.
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CHILDREN DON’T EAT SOUP?  (Co sie dzieje…) by P. Prewencki  (9 min.) This story is about two children and their grandfather. Unruly sibling don’t want to eat a soup and they get away from the table. Grandfather in magic way create a wind and lead children to the trap. They will stay in this soupy world for ever. Naughty children must be punished. How Heinrich Hoffmann wrote: Who don’t eat soup must die.
ZIEGENORT by Tomasz Popakul (18 min.) Slightly surreal animation about teen angst. Summertime in a fishing village; life’s unpleasant sides reveal themselves to a lonely teen, as he is half boy, half fish.

9:00 p.m. Shorts 1: (free to attend)
TWIST AND BLOOD by Kuba Czekaj (30 min.) An eleven-year-old known as Bellyboy is a laughing stock among his peers. His parents want to change him at all costs, get him to lose weight. Bellyboy has his own way of relieving his negative emotions, but it’s a secret. With time he’ll give it away to a friend he fancies..
THE 128th RAT (128. Szczur) by Jakub Paczek (30 min.) A black-humored comedy about staying away from the rat race, and about a wry realization that only idiots are capable of true happiness.  Pawel Burak, a much frustrated theology student, declares war on oppressive reality.
THE EASTER CRUMBLE (Mazurek) by Julia Kolberger (31 min.) Urszula is preparing a traditional Easter breakfast to welcome her daughter and her new fiancé.  Arrival of the couple comes with a big surprise to Urszula. Easter breakfast turns into supper, while Urszula goes through the worst day of her life

Thursday, October 10, 2013 (in person: Liliana Komorowska, Maciej Michalski)
7:00 p.m. Doc. 1:  FREESTYLE LIFE (Zycie stylem dowolnym) by Adam Palenta (8 min.) A story of the art of putting up the fight, when the game involves the most competitive rivals – ourselves. Resistance to the determinism leads towards stubborn challenging oneselves  to consecutive duels. The surface of the screen that precisely keeps the viewer from reality resembles the surface of water that separates swimmers from their disability.
BEAUTY AND THE BREAST by Liliana Komorowska (86 min) A compelling and intimate insight into the devastating reality of breast cancer, as seen through the eyes of nine female patients.
Their individual stories and different points of view help demystify the deadly disease while painting poignant and often humorous intimate portraits of struggle, survival and hope.
The full-length documentary begins with the stories of a few patients, whose lumps are initially considered benign. Navigating the resistant medical system, these women felt lost, helpless and terrified. But thanks to their intuition and persistence, they eventually got the right diagnosis.
The film depicts the process of learning and accepting the terrifying verdict, and details the complexities of every stage of the disease. By following the patients’ spiritual transformations, we witness how their minds and personalities are affected by the whole experience on an emotional level. Candid and self-effacing, the women bare their souls as well as their scars. Regardless of their social status, looks and age, they manage to dismiss society’s general perception of feminine beauty and adapt to living with their mutilated bodies while still maintaining strength, grace and pride.  Beauty and the Breast is not only invaluable as a testament to human resilience, but it also proves that it’s possible to reach timeless wisdom in the face of adversity.

9:00 p.m.
CANADIAN DRESSES (Kanadyjskie sukienki) by Maciej Michalski (127 min.) A family saga set against the backdrop of Pola Negri’s stolen jewelry. Based on a true story. The Polish countryside in the 80s. Zofia’s birthday is approaching. At a grand party for the occasion, the guests of honor are to be her husband, Tadeusz and her daughter, Amelia, both who have been living in Canada for the past ten years. Unexpectedly, Amelia arrives alone.  “Canadian Dresses” is a comedy-drama about hard times in the communist era and a carefree world as seen in the eyes of a child, about regrettable decisions and longing after a better life.

Information: www.polishfilmLA.org , 818/982-8827. Program subject to change without prior notice


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