GLOW Lights Up Santa Monica


The Bi-annual FREE all night. Light Art Installation returns to Santa Monica, Saturday September 28, Dusk to Dawn. The September 28, 2013 – 7pm-3am.  The all-night cultural experience features original commissions by artists that re-imagine Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful and participatory artworks. – See more at:

Opening Ceremony & Scheduled Performances: 

7:00 p.m. Join the opening ceremony at  the intersection of Colorado and Ocean Avenues!

7:30 p.m. CAP Summer Arts Program in Dance at GLOWbal, by Karen Atkinson

8:00 p.m. A Puppet Show, Crescent Bay Park

8:30 p.m. Java: Land of Dreams concert and dance performance, north of the Pier on beach

9:00 p.m. A Puppet Show, Crescent Bay Park

10:00 p.m. Colorfields experience in front of Sea Castle Apartments

10:00 p.m. A Puppet Show, Crescent Bay Park

Midnight Java: Land of Dreams concert and dance performance north of the Pier on beach. The overarching intent of the evening is to break through the public’s preconceived notion of what art can be, encouraging both thoughtful contemplation and energetic participation. While museums and galleries sleep, Glow comes alive to engage artists in the production of new artworks, specially commissioned for this unusual set of time and space coordinates: the beach at night. Glow offers a rare and remarkable opportunity for the public to connect with contemporary art in new ways and to rediscover familiar spaces through the eyes of artists. 

This year Glow will offer an extraordinary array of thought-provoking site-specific installations and performance works by dozens of artists from Los Angeles and around the world. The art will be displayed in unexpected contexts and relationships, using both built and natural environments, on and near the quintessential Southern California public space: the beach. Glow is produced by Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division and the Santa Monica Arts Foundation.  

Internationally renowned visionary artist Mathieu Briand was commissioned to produce a site-specific installation. for Glow. Mr. Briand is the French keynote artist for Glow 2013. Since the first event in 2008, Glow has featured a French artist in its program in recognition of Paris’ Nuit Blanche—the inspiration for Glow and the first and most developed of the all-night art events that are now occur throughout the world. This year Glow is fortunate to have Mathieu Briand carry on the tradition.  This initial visit has been made possible with the generous support of ‘Ceci n’est  pas…Art Between France and Los Angeles’, a program of the Alliance. Française of Los Angeles and Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.  

The Paris-based artist frequently creates environments and opportunities for the audience to take actions and interact with the artwork. Briand’s fluent command of media and advanced technologies (such as rapid prototyping) produce objects and images that can be playful, inviting and somewhat disconcerting all at the same time and are placed within installations that include his own hand drawn images. For “Did You Ever Want to Be Someone Else?”, his 2007 performance and installation in collaboration with Prue Lang at the Tate Modern, Briand recruited 100 people to wear masks of the artist’s face and pursue action and behavior based on text messages they received telling them what to do. Although the artwork is highly programmed in terms of audience behavior, it puts forth the possibility of seeing reality through the eyes of another—a hallmark of Briand’s ambition. It is the idea of consciousness, and its permeability, that informs most of Briand’s work. Mr. Briand has exhibited at Centre Pompidou, the Istanbul Biennale and at La Maison Rouge in Paris. He is currently developing his own artist residency program on a small island off the coast of Madagascar. More Information on Mathieu Briand: Website

Glow Keynote Artist Janet Echelman has installed one of her signature monumental sculptures at Glow 2013. Named Architectural Digest’s 2012 Innovator for “changing the very essence of urban spaces”, Ms. Echelman, who has gained international recognition for building living, breathing sculptural environments that respond to the forces of nature—wind, water and light, and become inviting focal points for civic life, will transform a portion of Santa Monica Beach.

While on a Fulbright lectureship in India, Ms. Echelman began wondering if nets could be a new approach to sculpture: a way to create volumetric form without heavy, solid materials and is inspired to explore the potential of unlikely materials, from fishing net to atomized water particles, combining ancient craft with cutting-edge technology to create sculpture at the scale of buildings.   More Information on Janet Echelman: Website 

Colorfields-Become the art with KCRW Download the App KCRW’s Glow Soundscape.

Download KCRW’s Glow Soundscape and let KCRW DJs guide your Glow experience! Glow artists talk about their creations, and entice you to come to the beach and interact with their unique work. It also works as a navigation tool with details on where to find each installation the night of the event. Download the Soundscape in advance to ensure the best experience.

BE PART OF THE ART and immerse yourself in Colorfields by Glow artist Steve Boyer — a live interactive artwork that interprets crowd movement into fields of color, light and sound using your phone! GATHER AT 10PM at the Colorfields exhibit south of the pier in front of the Sea Castle apartments between Loews & Shutters at on September 28.

KCRW’s Glow Soundscape – an audio tour of Glow 2013 hosted by KCRW DJs. Download it in advance! *A podcast app is required for download, DOWNLOAD IN ADVANCE the free Colorfields smartphone app for your iPhone or Android so you and your phone can become part of the bigger, colorful picture.  *The location services on your phone must be enabled to participate.

Balloons Exhibit Soft Underbelly by Joshua Howell & Aaron Zeligs. A floating canopy hovers just above the audience inviting people in to experience an oceanic/starry night on the Palisades. Soft Underbelly is a site for respite amidst the intensity of Glow.  Ultraviolet LEDs  light up hundreds of helium-filled balloons infused with  phosphorescent material.   As the audience moves through the installation lighting will be triggered and intensified as more and more people gather under its floating and ghostly ceiling.

About Joshua Howell & Aaron Zeligs
Trained as an architect, Joshua Howell is interested in the spontaneous creation of public space and the impact virtual social interactions play on real world activities. His work also explores digital design and fabrication techniques and non-traditional materials. Joshua holds a Masters of Architecture from UCLA and has shown work at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), The Pacific Design Center, Gallery 1927, and The Detroit Repertory Theater. Joshua lives in Los Angeles.,

Aaron Zeligs has a background in both architecture and mechanical engineering. His work explores phenomenological affects through materiality and fabrication techniques. He recently completed an installation for Burning Man 2009 that created a floating landscape fabricated from test tubes filled with common laundry detergent. He has also explored forming techniques for Corian and other plastic and composite materials.  Aaron holds a Masters of Architecture from UCLA and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the US Air Force Academy. Aaron lives in Washington DC and Los

Steven Hull Nothing Moments a Puppet Show
A revolving platform hosts a gathering of colorful, figurative sculptures amongst which several puppet shows take place during the evening.
Steven Hull will create a rotating stage featuring a marionette show based on the short story A Fragment from the Lives of the Conquistadors by Tony White. The stage, situated behind the historic arbor in Crescent Bay Park, will display Hull’s sculptures of conquistadors whose hands detach and become the animated marionettes. There will be several performances throughout the night featuring puppeteer Alex Evans, Eric de la Cruz and their marionettes, with musical accompaniment by Anna Huff and Petra and Tanya Haden. The sculptures will be accentuated with light works by Marilyn Lowey and a sound piece by Gibby Haynes.  An illustrated storybook and flags by Tami Demaree will be produced to commemorate the event.
Steven Hull – Official Website
LOCATION: South of the pier in Crescent Bay Park
CREDITS:Lowey Puppeteers: Alex Evens, Anna Huff, and Violet Hull
Sculptures by Steven Hull Stage by Tami Demaree
Soft sounds by Gibby Haynes
Based on a short story by Tony White
Puppets by Alex Evens and Steven Hull
Music: “Dissolver” by Luo
With thanks to

Janet Echelman The Space Between Us
An enormous, diaphanous form floats above, while visitors are invited to recline in sculpted sand forms below. Sound and light elements emphasize an ephemeral and natural environment.
LOCATION: South of the pier on the beach in front of Casa Del Mar
CREDITS: Music: “Breathing Underwater” by The Angel
The Angel’s Official Site

Janet Echelman’s The Space Between Us is a multi-sensory immersive experience, located on the beach at the end of the boardwalk that extends from Bay Street. Echelman’s 200-ft-diameter diaphanous aerial sculpture billows in the wind. Beneath it, the carved sand reflects the form from above, creating a place in between where one can experience the illumination and audio components of the work. Visitors can bring a beach towel or just recline in the sculpted sand forms as the diaphanous sculpture sways in the breeze above. Echelman explores the tension between weight and lightness – between our earth-bound bodies and our desire to float. The audio track is available at

This artwork was made possible through the generous collaboration of: The OLIN Studio for Landscape Architecture; Daniel Rome/Zach Alterman Audio Art; Kinetic Lighting; Branam; Brown United; ARUP Engineering; sandboxla Timelapse Photography, and Studio Echelman.
KCRW Guest DJ Project – Janet Echelman, Janet Echelman – Official Website, TED Talk “Taking Imagination Seriously”

Glenn Kaino Well
The wishing well of all wishing wells comes to Glow. in a translucent container of bioluminescent wonder. Glenn Kaino’s magical wishing Well can be found on the beach midway between the Sea Castle Apartments and Shutters Hotel.  Well is constructed out of transparent plastic and will sit on a low platform, just a few inches above the sand.  Within the Well is a rare bioluminescent liquid, especially harvested from plankton for Glow by a marine biologist at Scripps Institute of Technology at UCSD in La Jolla.  Three lines of people will be organized for those wishing to toss a coin in and see its impact create a glow.  An area on one side allows viewing without waiting in line to toss a coin.
Glenn Kaino – Official Website
LOCATION: South of the pier, in front of the parking lot between Bicknell & Pacific St.
CREDITS: Music: “Swamp (TV mix)” by Us Baby Bear Bones
Us Baby Bears on Facebook
Bandcamp With thanks to Raygun Music

Steve Boyer Colorfields
Art meets technology in Steve Boyer’s interactive creation, Colorfields. The live video artwork interprets crowd behavior into fields of color and light utilizing cloud, smartphone and video processing technology.  Visitors must first download the app either via a link available at or the app store. The app will synchronize locational information via GPS to specific colors for display on cell phones and via the project website. As visitors move within 10,000 square-foot Colorfields area, (location 4a) on the beach, colors on their phones will change.  A dynamic, large video projection map will display the fully activated field of users and the multiple colors they activated per their specific location.  This map will be projected on the wall of the Wyndham Hotel on Ocean Avenue (location 4b). At 10 p.m. visitors are encouraged to gather in front of the Sea Castle apartments for a special Glow experience. Colorfields at Glow 2013 – Download the smartphone app at    Visit and

An app prompts color changes on iPhone/Android devices, as visitors walk from place to place. At 10pm, visitors are encouraged to gather for a special experience, in partnership with KCRW. Make sure to download the Colorfields app in advance from the app store to participate!
LOCATION: Please note this installation has two locations! The exhibit will be on the beach to the south of the pier, between Loews & Shutters; the image projection of the crowd sourced artwork will be on the wall of the Wyndham hotel.
CREDITS: Music: “7.5e 14 HZ” by Lee Ryda
Lee Ryda on Soundcloud
Lee Ryda’s Offical Website

Marni Gittleman with Rediscover Center and Leslie Gray
A translucent, geodesic dome invites people inside for an immersive experience. Puppeteers translate movements and sounds into forms on the dome walls, which will be also be visible from outside the dome on the boardwalk. GLOWmasphere is an immersive eco-art experience integrating cast-off objects from the reDiscover warehouse diverted from landfill, percussion, movement and community interaction to engage heart and soul. Located just off Ocean Front Walk south of the Pier a luminescent 36’ geodesic dome entices you closer. Small groups are welcomed into the dome for a gu…ided sound and movement experience. Shadow Projection artists collage reDiscover materials onto opaque projectors casting images and patterns for Glow visitors outside and inside the dome to enjoy. Each ten minute session is unique and generates an ever changing set of images on the dome.
Conceived by community artist Marni Gittleman and realized together by artist team Leslie K. Gray and Mary Beth Trautwein, Director of the reDiscover Center.,,
LOCATION: Grassy area south of the pier, adjacent to pedestrian walkway
CREDITS: Music: “Strong” performed by London Grammar
Courtesy of 2013 Metal & Dust Recordings Ltd., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
“Strong” on iTunes
Additional Audio Elements by Leslie K. Gray

VAP Tinkerers with Jonathan Bijur
Experience Jonathan Bijur’s collaboration with teens from the Virginia Avenue Park Teen Center, creating custom-made glowing costumes.
With custom-made glowing costumes and illuminated festival puppets, discover the Tinkerer’s Tailoring. These local teens from the Virginia Avenue Park Teen Center, led by Jonathan Markowitz Bijur will be on the move throughout the Glow zone.  Drawing from the rich culture of Santa Monica’s Pico Neighborhood, the VAP Tinkerers will help staff the Info Booths to orient visitors to Glow The Tinkerers will be at multiple and moving locations throughout the evening and will provide a spirited beginning to the event with their presence at the opening ceremony.
LOCATION: South of the pier in front of Seaside Terrace
CREDITS: Music: “OOOO” by Fishing, Bandcamp
Fishing Official Website, Fishing on Facebook

Aphidoidea Swarm (The Gelatinous Bloom)
Walk along the shore among tall, jellyfish–like creatures, responsive in light and sound to your presence. Positioned right at the edge of the high-tide waterline, the sculptures range in size, some rising more than 12 feet above the sand. Each piece will have a programmed microcontroller that will activate a series of light sequences when someone is nearby.  Rather than be stung, a visitor is surrounded by colorful light and a mild ambient sound. Aphidoidea is an artist collective based in Los Angeles and includes Paulina Bouyer Magana, Andrew Hernandez, Jesus Eduardo Magana and Jackie Munoz.
LOCATION: South of the pier by the shoreline
CREDITS: Music: Created & composed by Infinite Simian.

The Rest Is Noise: A Carousel Ride Through the 20th Century
Patrick Scott
Ride the historic Santa Monica Carousel as 12 second clips representative of music of each decade of the 20th century rotate from speaker to speaker turning a physical cycle into a musical cycle. A ride on the historic Santa Monica carousel will be a journey though time at Glow. The Rest Is Noise: A Carousel Ride Through 20th Century Music will enable carousel riders to be surrounded by 16 speakers playing breakthrough pieces of 20th-century music, from Mahler to Adams. Riders will hear 12-second clips of individual musical selections as they revolve on the carousel. 100 years of music is condensed into five minutes. With each revolution, a revolution! Produced for Glow in association with Glow Network Partner Jacaranda, Music on the Edge.
LOCATION: The carousel on the pier
CREDITS: Music compiled and edited by Jacaranda Music

Octopus Mandala Glow (OMG!)
Victoria Vesna
The Pacific Wheel Ferris wheel on the Pier is the ultimate revolving mandala. Experience it as sounds becomes colors, and the many become one.
LOCATION: The Ferris wheel on the pier
CREDITS: Music: “Dubtronika” by Lee Ryda
Lee Ryda on Soundcloud
Lee Ryda’s Offical Website
Vesna is the  Director of Director of the UCLA ArtSci Center + Laboratory. Her producing partner, Ray Zimmerman, is a 30 year veteran of the Hollywood film industry, and a passionate believer in OMG. Read about the dedicated team of talented artists, scientists and young professionals at
OMG, a celebration of the end of the dominion of the machine, invited people to occupy their ferris wheels around the world and record themselves at the top of the wheel chanting OM. The recorded voices comprise a global chorus which will  be played on the beach and streamed online. OMG in Santa Monica hope to launch a series of projects with ferris wheels as mandalas around the world.
OMG is an attempt to create a collective mandala utilizing the ferris wheel.  The ready made machine is inspired in part by Duchamp’s bicycle wheel, and part by the Octopus and the NanoMandala project that Vesna worked on with a nanoscientist and tibetan monks. This was conceived as a a worldwide interactive experience, complete with handmade ceremonial objects, and an artist book documenting the process.
The magic number of this project is eight— 8 spokes of a buddhist wheel, 8-bit LED system of the Pacific Wheel, octogonal gondolas, 8 legs of the octopus, and 8 of us in the core team.
The famous Pacific Wheel is the only solar-powered wheel in the world!

Shana Koenig Solar Sea Sculptures
Sea creatures hanging from trees respond to an iPad as the audience interacts in real time with the sculptures. Shana Koenig’s gorgeous biomorphic sculptures will be suspended among the palm trees north of the Pier on Palisades Park. Solar Sea Sculptures will be clustered together forming a series of floating bioluminescent forms reminiscent of those found in the depths of the ocean. Additionally, there will be a queue-controlled access that will allow the audience to offer commands to the sculpture via an iPad control.  A second series of light sculptures will be displayed on the Third Street Promenade between Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd.Shana Koenig – Official Website
LOCATION: ‘Solar Sea Sculptures’ are in Palisades Park north of the pier, and The Flower Trees are on Third St. Promenade between Broadway & Santa Monica Blvd.
CREDITS: Music: “Devon Daze” by Arlen Figgis

Rebeca Méndez
CircumSolar, Migration 1, 2013
A giant circle of powerful natural images, flying birds, crashing waves, from Arctic to Antarctic and Santa Monica in the middle.
A giant disk of powerful natural images near the shore, CircumSolar, Migration 1, will be projected onto a 25-foot diameter screen. The content of the film is based on the arctic tern, a small sea bird that has the longest migration of all living beings on earth, flying from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again each year. It experiences two polar summers of 24-hour daylight each year, which makes it the one creature in the world that experiences the most daylight, a reality appropriate to Glow. The work combines Méndez’ exquisite compositional discipline, her interest on issues of migration, of both animals and humans, as well as her fascination with the nature of matter—in cycles and systems, specifically the forces that make natural phenomena emerge. Rebeca Méndez is Glow’s first artist-in-residence and was the subject of a one person exhibition at the Annenberg Community Beach House.Rebeca Méndez – Official Website
LOCATION: At the shoreline, north of the pier , between lifeguard huts #15 & 1550
CREDITS: Music: “Slow Ocean” by Whitetree from the album “Cloudland” courtesy of Ponderosa Music & Art‎
Cloudland on iTunes

6:43 pm
Mathieu Briand
A chamber of mystery from a past, or future, time invites visitors in while above the structure a ring of fire signals earth’s primal essence.
LOCATION: North of the pier
CREDITS: Music: “A Little Letting Go” by Mr Fogg
“A Little Letting Go” on iTunes
Official Website
Mr Fogg Facebook Page

Djoko Walujo
Java, Land of Dreams
Cal Arts’ mesmerizing Javanese Gamelan will play two full sessions accompanied by dancers.
Experience the haunting traditional sounds of the Javanese Gamelan at two mesmerizing concerts.  Java: Land of Dreams features Cal Arts’ renowned Gamelan Kyai Doro Dasih directed by Djoko Walujo, faculty member of the Herb Alpert School of Music at Cal Arts.  There will be two one-hour performances of the gamelan, one at 8:30 p.m. and one at midnight. Both performances will include Javanese dance. Produced for Glow in association with Glow Network Partner CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP).Djoko Walujo – CalArts Website
LOCATION: North of the Pier near; performances at 8pm & Midnight
CREDITS: Music: “Srimpi Sangoparti” by CalArts Javanese Gamelan under the direction of Dr. Djoko Walujo
Album: Excerpt from CalArts Musical Explorations Series 2002
Jedediah Caesar

Jedediah Caesar
More Currency for Micronations
A treasure hunt worth joining! Over three thousand custom made coins and tokens are scattered and easily discovered throughout Glow. Find one and it’s yours to keep!

Over the past several years Jedediah Caesar has distributed his own hand made coins and tokens within gallery and museum spaces.  Glow offers a more expansive opportunity for Caesar’s distributive artwork strategy, given its huge audience and open public setting.  Caesar will distribute over three thousand small objects that reference coins, as well as amusement ride tokens, in easily discovered locations throughout Glow (excluding the sand). Visitors will have the pleasure of finding the metal coins and keeping them, almost as a prize.  The supply will be refreshed several times throughout the night. More Currency for Micronations will add a sense of a treasure hunt to Glow. Produced for Glow in association with Glow Network Partner LAXART.
LOCATION: Throughout the Glow Zone
CREDITS: Music: “Not the Only One” by William Arcane
“Not the Only One” on iTunes
William Arcane on Soundcloud
William Arcane on Facebook

Karen Atkinson
A large projection screen on the beach is painted with phosphorescent paint. The paint holds the shape of projected images after the light is taken away, like an echo repeating a sound. it invites public interaction. Images of historic Santa Monica are part of a large inventory of images to be projected. Several performances are scheduled to use the backdrop during the evening. The CalArts Improvisational Theatre Troupe will perform at 7:30 pm, under the direction of Susan Allen. Youth participants from the CAP Summer Arts Program in Dance will also perform, accompanied by professional dancers, under the direction of Marvin Tunney. The public will also be invited to interact with GLOWbal. Produced for Glow in association with Glow Network Partner Cal Arts Community Arts Partnership (CAP).Karen Atkinson – Official Website

BEAM (Breathe, Energize, Align, Move) is a site-specific dance performance choreographed for GLOW by CalArts professor Marvin Tunney, for a group of high school age dancers who participated in the CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP) Summer Arts Program. The piece is conceptually related to the beach, ocean, sunset and the divine forces of nature and will take place in front of GLOWbal. Participating dancers are Gemma Allen, Morgan Barnes, Joselyne Camacho, Alexandra Chezum, Izcalli Cuautencos, Madison Davis, Veronica Forsbald, Greta Grisez, Jennifer Guzman, Megan Hines, Imani Jones, Rachel Kinzler, Melissa Mateo, Aysia-Marie Perkins, Hyla Rachwal, Andrea Varela, Emelly Villa, and Jessika Wilson, along with CalArts student instructors Whitney Jackson, Claire Larsen, and Lilia Bogoeva. Performance produced by CAP for Glow.

CalArts Interdisciplinary Improvisation Troupe [CIIT] is a group of young professional artists – actors, dancers and musicians – who joined together initially in a class on improvisational aesthetics given by Susan Allen at the California Institute of the Arts. Working with various levels of design, their improvisations break through traditional boundaries to uncharted territories, often involving their audience in spontaneous creations moving between their unique disciplines.
LOCATION: North of the pier by the parking lot
CREDITS: Music: “Afterglow” by The Angel
The Angel’s Official Site
Official Soundscape For Glow
Welcome to Glow 2013.

Beach Exhibit
Day for Night by Corey Madden, Bruno Louchouarn & Keith Mitchell

KCRW’s Glow Soundscape
Download KCRW’s Glow Soundscape and let KCRW DJs guide your Glow experience! Glow artists talk about their creations, and entice you to come to the beach and interact with their unique work. It also works as a navigation tool with details on where to find each installation the night of the event. Download the Soundscape in advance to ensure the best experience.
Balloons Exhibit
Soft Underbelly by Joshua Howell & Aaron Zeligs

Getting to Glow
There are many walking, biking, driving and public transportation options. For complete information, please visit Glow is a project of the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Foundation.
Audio Guide Produced by Gemma Dempsey and D. Chris Smith
Script Editing and Music Supervision: Gemma Dempsey
Sound Design: D. Chris Smith

Official Soundscape For Glow
Additional Audio Elements: Audiour The OLIN Studio, Landscape Architecture: Susan Weiler; Richard Roark; Ben Monette. Sound Composers: Daniel Rome; Zach Alterman. Kinetic Lighting: James Schipper; Mark Flaisher. ARUP Engineering: Clayton Binkley; Patrick McCafferty; Simon Rees. Branam: Eddie Diaz. Auntie M: Ben Omlor; Martyn Claes. Santa Monica Department of Public Works: Paul Davis and staff. Timelapse Photography: Todd Sali. Studio Echelman : Janet Echelman, Daniel Zeese; Ben Winters; Melissa Henry.


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