International Exile Film Festival wins CWB's Seal Of Excellence award


Burbank, California – October 4 – Cinema Without Borders (CWB), today announced International Exile Film Festival, as the winner of CWB’s “Seal Of Excellence.” The Festival is scheduled October 6-14, 2011.

“International Exile Film Festival is one of world’s most extraordinary film festivals, where you witness the present and future state of exile cinema, said Bijan Tehrani, Editor in Chief of Cinema Without Botders. “It opens a window to the world of filmmakers forced to leave their homelands and let us share their sorrows, their hopes and dreams. The excellence in running and expanding such a compelling festival is our reason for awarding the Exile Film Festival with CWB’s Seal of Excellence.”

James Ulmer, International Editor of Cinema Without Borders with two decades of experience covering film and the arts for The Hollywood Reporter, Premiere magazine and The New York Times, believes that “a little bit of long-overdue justice has been served” with the creation of this unique film forum.  “I am deeply impressed by the mission and the movies of The Exile Film Festival,” James said.  “The unspoken stories they share of the passions, the profound journeys and the uncertain futures of the world’s exiles — social, political and economic — are not heard or seen nearly enough in the world of cinema arts, which itself is a kind of exile. This festival gives them a voice and a forum and sets them free.  It’s now our responsibility as audience members to watch and to listen — and to be moved to respond.”

About the International Exile Film Festival
Exile Film Festival began in 1993 in Gothenburg, Sweden. With the festival we wanted to create a forum for filmmakers in exile and outside his homeland to freely to express them and to reach their audience. But the most important point is that the Exile Film Festival, through the display of these films, creates an opportunity to deepen knowledge about refugees and immigrants, to the benefit of integration and diversity. Exile Film Festival has been conducted every two years and have grown and evolved in each new edition.

It has received considerable attention among both festival goers as well as active directors. In addition, Exile Film Festival have got followers in other countries and is also being implemented  in Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Heidelberg, Hague, Paris, Toronto and in Borås. These festivals are being organized in collaboration with Exile Film Festival in Gothenburg. Official representatives are also available in the U.S., Canada and France.

About CWB’s Seal of Excellence
The CWB Seal of Excellence is awarded to films, individuals and organizations in the area of independent and international cinema that have taken extraordinary steps in creating a moving and consequential  work of art.

About Cinema Without Borders
( Covering the world of international film and digital media from a global perspective, Cinema Without Borders ( features news, interviews, film reviews, original columns and opinion on the major films, film festivals and film events worldwide. CWB was founded in 2007 and is a publication of California-based Dragon Tale Entertainment.


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