Short Films, Long Night, Sep 24, 5pm – 10pm


The Consulate General of Switzerland in Los Angeles presents for the first time “Short Films, Long Night!” (Co-presented by the Cultural Foreign Policy Centre Of the Federal Department Of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)

► Short narrative, documentaries and animations films made in Los Angeles and made in Switzerland!
► Carte blanche to Swiss actor Carlos Leal!
► Meet directors, actors and producers!
► Vote for the Audience Award and much more!
Snacks and drinks will be provided. Admission is free

Theatre Raymond Kabbaz
10361 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

September 24 • 5-10pm short films
Hosted by Claudia Laffranchi. Since 2005, Claudia Laffranchi has been hosting the Piazza Grande screenings at the Locarno Film Festival, where she introduces and interviews visiting filmmakers juggling from her native Italian to English, French, German and Spanish

part 1-competition: talents from here and there
Presented by Damien Emmenegger

1) A Blind Man
(2010), 14 minutes
Directed by Cédric Chabloz
Starring Nubit Arevalo, Darnell J. Cates, Gloria Charles
Jordan is a 14 year-old teenager who is more passionate about dancing than going to the military academy by his father’s will. He needs to make a decision between the fate his father holds for him or to follow his dream.

2) Heimatland
(2010), 6 minutes
Directed by Loretta Arnold, Andrea Schneider, Marius Portmann, Fabio Friedli
Hausi lives a quiet and well-organized life, until a
foreigner moves next to his apartment and turns his world upside down.

3) Asparagus
(2007), 17 minutes
Directed by Roman Wyden
Starring Caroline Bielskis, Guy Camilleri, Ho-Jung
A seemingly perfect family share Christmas dinner, but the reunion is threatened by the family members’ past and present.
In attendance: Director Roman Wyden

4) Tango Lola
(2008), 6 minutes
Directed by Izabela Rieben, Sami Ben Youssef
After winning the lottery, Lola imagines her new
life with her boring husband. Or she could just
end the relationship and keep it all for herself. But her husband has other plans. In attendance: Music Composer Vincent Gillioz

(2010), 15 minutes
Directed by Tamer Rüggli
Starring Benjamin Décosterd, Manuela Biedermann,
Anton Ciurlia Despite his marginal and extrovert looks, Jérémie is a shy teenager who keeps a heavy secret: his homosexuality. While trying to find his way between his classmate and sexual fantasy Damien and his very generous but protective mother Gina, his life is about to change…

(2011), 1 minute
Directed by Frédéric Guillaume, Samuel Guillaume
A fondue, a piece of cheese, a candle and suddenly…

part 2-competition: 100% swiss
Selected and presented by Giacun Caduff
Giacun Caduff was born in Switzerland and moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue a career in filmmaking. He attended Santa Monica College
and transferred to Cal State Long Beach to obtain a Bachelor degree in Film and Electronic Arts. In 2008 he graduated with a Masters degree in
Creative Producing from UCLA. His thesis film Etienne! by director Jeff Mizushima played at more than 30 film festivals world-wide.
In 2009 Caduff founded the Gässli Film Festival that takes place annually in a picturesque alley in the city of Basel, Switzerland. It is a platform
for young aspiring filmmakers to present their shorts and at the same time meet industry professionals.

1) Finish Him
41 seconds
Directed by Aurelio Buchwalder

2) Purple Rose Cinema
6 minutes
Directed by Simon Pfister

3) streifen
(2011), 7 minutes
Directed by Moïra Himmelsbach

4) Auf Bewährung
5 minutes
Directed by Philipp Detterer

5) 14
11 minutes
Directed by Samuel Morris

6) Fais un Pont
4 minutes
Directed by Viola von Scarpatetti

7) Der Komponist
13 minutes
Directed by Saladin Dellers

8) Hasenimbiz
4 minutes
Directed by Daniel Zeltner

9) Ronaldo
(2010), 6 minutes
Directed by Jan Mettler

part 3-out of competition:
carte blanche à carlos leal, swiss actor
In attendance: actor Carlos Leal and director/actress Jo Kelly
The former singer “Sens Unik” (5 Gold records), Carlos Leal
 began his acting career in 2000 in Paris. He has received 4 best actor
awards, and was a Berlinale 2006 “Shooting Star”. In his European film career, he’s worked with directors Pedro Almodovar, Roland Joffé, Emilio Estevez and appeared in “Casino Royale”. A lead actor on French Spanish and Swiss TV series, Leal now lives in Los Angeles.

Selected filmography
2011 CHAOS (TV)
FLUCHT AUS TIBET (Maria Blumencron)
THERE BE DRAGON (Roland Joffé)
2010 THE WAY (Emilio Estevez)
SENNENTUNTSCHI (Michael Steiner)
EL MAL AJENO (Oskar Santos)
2009 VERSO (Xavier Ruiz)
BROKEN EMBRACES (Pedro Almodovar)
2007-2010 EL INTERNADO (TV)
2006 CASINO ROYALE (Martin Campbell)
2005 SNOW WHITE (Samir)

1) Elvis & Angel Hart
(2006), 5 minutes
Directed by Carlos Leal, Jo Kelly and Gocé Cvetanovski
Starring Carlos Leal, Jo Kelly, Sebastien Bihi
A couple is about to be married in church, when
suddenly the woman notices that her husband-to-be is not Elvis.

2) Univers Paralits
(2007), 5 minutes
Directed by Tommaso Volpi
Starring Carlos Leal, Jo Kelly,
Valérie Fernandez, Sophie Michard
Eugene, lying in his bed, waits for his wife to come out of the bathroom. Turning on his side, he finds himself next to one of his old girlfriends, who talks to him about getting married, as if they were still together.
Eugene wants her out of the bedroom right away because his wife could step in any moment now…

3) Brandstifter
(2009), 21 minutes
Directed by Felix v. Muralt
Starring Carlos Leal, Susi Stach,
Melanie Winiger, Christian Weinberger
Early one evening in Vienna, Luc, who has just fallen in love with a beautiful woman, decides to make a quick cigarette run. On his way to the kiosk he comes across the scene of a fire raging in a flat. Luc is stopped by several police officers and asked to show a form of identity. Then he has to empty his pockets. Unfortunately, he’s got a lighter on him because he’s a smoker. Instead of returning to his girlfriend, he is taken directly to the police station and detained in a cell. The ensuing two-day series of “investigations” exceed everything that has ever been heard about zealous police officers.

4) Demain J’Arrete
(2004), 5 minutes
Directed by Nicole Borgeat
Starring Carlos Leal and Laurence Montandon
They are addicted to sex. Their live is a disaster. That’s it, tomorrow they quit…

5) Corps Étrangers
(2007), 21 minutes
Directed by Naël Marrandin
Starring Li-Ting Huang, Carlos Leal
She is a young Chinese woman and an illegal immigrant. Unable to speak French, she is lost in the northern outskirts of Paris. He lives a life that doesn’t satisfy him. When they meet, his frustration and the young
woman’s need for protection draw them together.

6) Everybody Loves Paco
(2010), 7 minutes
Directed by Valery Schatz
Starring Carlos Leal, Jo Kelly
A male prostitute falls for a woman but is unable to confess his job.

audience award
presented by Mr. Helmut Bell, CEO Cinetyp Hollywood
and Ms. Florine Deplazes Swiss actress.

part 4- a world of shorts

4. Die Praktikantin-The Apprentice
(2010), 30 minutes
Directed by Peter Luisi
Starring Judith Koch, Beat Schlatter, Aaron Hitz and Michael Neuenschwander
Before Lina is allowed to start her studies to become a nurse, she must first pass a two day apprenticeship at a Swiss hospital. Dutifully, she accompanies the experienced nurse Natalie during her workday. What Lina does not know: Werner, the hospital cook, in love with Natalie pretends to be a super rich patient to impress her. When the assistant cook Marco, also in love with Lina, pretends to be an assistant doctor, things at the hospital get more and more crazy. Will Lina manage to pass her apprenticeship and will the two cooks win the ladies’ hearts?

5. Me + You
(2010), 5 minutes
Music video of the band Like Wildfire
Written, directed and produced by Sam Flueckiger & Laurence Stajic
Cinematography by Laurence Stajic
Editing by Sam Flueckiger
In attendance Laurence Stajic and Sam Flueckiger

Claudia Laffranchi is a Swiss writer, director and producer with extensive experience in print, television and radio. She is the West Coast correspondent for Swiss-Italian radio and television RSI, as well as several Swiss and Italian media outlets. She specializes in cinema and co-authored, with Silvia Bizio, the book “Italian Cinema at the Academy Awards”. She serves as the Locarno Film Festival’s Los Angeles correspondent.


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