"Low Budget – High Energy" screening at Goethe Institute, Aug 24


On Wednesday August 24, starting at 7 PM, Goethe Institute of Los Angeles will have an evening of film screening under the title of: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg presents “Low Budget – High Energy”. Goethe Institute is located at 5750 Wilshire BLVD. Suite 100, Los Angeles CA 90036. Parking is free. If you are planning to attend the screening bring your ticket stub along.

 THE VISIT; Animation / 9 min
 Fantasy, dream or reality? What is the difference?  When people get old…
 Producer: Nicolas Palme

 KLINGENBERG – A MAD CRIME STORY: Short / Trailer  2 min
 Former police inspector Klingenberg is brought into a retirement home. When a resident disappears without a trace and is declared dead, he becomes suspicious and sets out to find him.
 Producer: Boris Frank –  Story: Stefanie Ren

 LIGHT YEARS: Short / 24 min
 The astronaut Finn questions the reality of his existence due to sudden hallucinations in preparation to his space mission.
 Producer: Teymour Tehrani

 MARTHA – A TWISTED FABLE: Spot / 1:47 min   
 All of a sudden, Martha is confronted with  something she cannot handle…yet!
 Director: Kay Kienzler

By accident two babies are growing up to be in families they don’t belong to..30 Years later the men meet at a bar..what happend ?

 B WIN – 5%: Spot / 2 min
 To win a horse race the jokey only counts 5%, but that makes the difference…

 AN ODE TO WOMEN: 2 Spots / 3 min
 There is always a choice. It is your decision either to go the usual or your own way.
 Director: Justus Becker
 Producer: Maximilian Vetter

 RIMOWA: Spot / 2 min   
 Every case tells a story. But the same story can look different by another point of view.
 Director: Justus Becker  
 Producer: Maximilian Vetter  

 MEANWHILE IN MAMELODI:    Documentary / Trailer 2 min
 A portrait of a family made up of two South African generations, their hopes, disappointments,  dreams and realities.
 Producer: Boris Frank

 THE WHITE TREASURE: Documentary / Trailer 3 min
 Just beside an endless white desert up in the Bolivian andes, Daniel and his family lead traditional salt  workers´ lives. Since it has become known that Salar de Uyuni holds the worlds´s biggest amount of lithium.  THE future´s resource – their little village finds itself in a place where global interest reaches in.
 Producer: Julia Wagner

 SEVENTH DAY: Short    / 20 min
 Away from his homeland Congo Michel seeks asylum in Germany. Sophie is nine years old and today she returns home alone from school. The chronology of events lead together in a tragedy. For Michel nothing is the same no more…
Producer: Lena Kraeber

LA DIMORA – COMING HOME: Short / Trailer 2 min
 Lea is looking for her father. When she finds him he is running a mafia-like, shady restaurant, deals with doubtful  people and has no interest in having a daughter at all. But they both realize that they have a lot in common…
 Producer: Maximilian Vetter

 BOB:    Animation / 3 min
 A hamster is chasing his true love around the  globe. Will he get her?
 Writer: Stefanie Ren

 DEAD END: Animation / 5 min
 A man, a suitcase, dark streets, deep waters and a beautiful woman. How this is all connected?  Narrative in the tradition of film noir.
 Composer: Max I. Milian

 THE SANDMAN: Short / 40 min
 Nathanael feels chased by an ominous man, who he believes to recognize from his past. A childhood trauma breaks through. – Adaptation of the famous gothic novel by E.T.A. Hoffmann
 Director: Andreas Dahn.


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