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“Seventeen years ago more than 1,050,000 people were killed over a 100 day period during the bloody Rwandan Genocide. As one of the most gruesome, horrific mass murders in modern history, it is also regarded as a dark period where the world community failed to act- and many across the globe failed to take notice.
To coincide with the seventeenth anniversary of the mass murders in the African country,, a non profit created to champion the selfless acts of others, is launching the Raindrops Over Rwanda Facebook page– a hub of learning, interaction and multi-media maintained by survivor and young Rwandan leader, Honoré Gatera. In addition, is issuing a challenge grant and collaborative online film premiere for Raindrops Over Rwanda, a short documentary that looks at the amazing people and stories from that post-genocide country.

The $50,000 challenge grant will award one dollar for everyone who pledges to watch the online premiere of the film on July 18 by clicking “like” on the Facebook page. In a collaborative effort to raise awareness and show respect for over one million people who were killed in the course of 100 days, Explore is partnering with a myriad of video platforms and leading web destinations, all of whom have pledged to feature the film on the same day the genocides ended, (7/18). Explore is calling on individuals, bloggers, and news organizations to join in the efforts. A preview of the film can be seen here.”


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