HP TouchSmart, a way to save the deskspace and be creative


HP is coming up with new TouchSmart desktop computer models, desk space saving systems for independent filmmakers that are working out of small studios. To learn more about TouchSmart computers, we interviewed HP’s Dipankar Bhargava.

Dipankar Bhargava is a Product Marketing manager for Commercial All-in-One PCs within HP’s Personal Systems Group (Americas). Dipankar is responsible for the feature definition, lifecycle management and roadmap strategy for the HP Corporate Enterprise All-in-one PC category in the Americas Region. The product category consists of the new HP TouchSmart 9300, its predecessor – the TouchSmart 9100 and the HP Compaq 6000 Pro AiO that was launched last year. Dipankar holds a Bachelor of Science (Electronics) degree from University of Pune in India. He currently lives in the Bay Area, CA and works out of HP’s Cupertino campus.

Bijan Tehrani: How would you describe the touch screen on the HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite?
Dipankar Bhargava: The TouchSmart 9300 is HP’s third-generation touch-enabled all-in-one PC that offers optical touch technology as well as support for multi-touch capabilities. It uses a bright view LCD screen and has full HD 1920×1080 resolution. The touch screen on the TouchSmart 9300 is covered with tempered glass, and offers a very smooth and quite sensitive to touch. Overall, it enables for very robust performance, and the touch experience is great.

BT: The Android for example utilizes zooming in and zooming out. What are some of the features that you have in your touch screen?
DB: The HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite touch screen enables users to pinch, zoom, rotate, and touch at ease.

BT: Windows 7 is not really made for touch screen devices. How did you manage to incorporate Windows 7 into the device?
DB: Actually, Windows 7 does support multi-touch capabilities, definitely more than its previous generations of operating systems. HP works very closely with Microsoft to deliver the best possible touch experience for our users. The HP TouchSmart 9300 comes standard with the HP TouchSmart Software Suite 4.0 and Microsoft TouchPack to drive this rich end-user experience.

BT: What are the inputs of the device?
DB: Well, our customers have multiple options there. You can configure the 9300 with a slim-line Super Multi  DVD or a Blue-Ray DVD combo drive, so you have both inputs available to run playbacks of high definition video. The device also has multiple USB ports available, and optional discrete graphics cards.  The device can also be configured with a TV tuner. Overall, the TouchSmart 9300 offers a great deal of horsepower, made possible with the most recent generation of Intel core i processors and support for up to 16 GB of memory expansion.

BT: Is it possible to replace the graphic card that comes with the system?
DB: The integrated graphics card that comes standard with the device is an Intel High Definition graphics card, but there are two replacement options available. One is the ATI MXM30 Viper 1GB discrete graphics card; the other is the NVIDIA Graphics GeForce GT425M card that can enable 1GB of memory.

BT: Do either of these graphics cards have an HDMI input?
DB: HDMI input no, but it does come with a display port that would allow users to drive an external monitor or digital signage display off the device. HP also offers different display adapters such as Display Port to HDMI or Display Port to VGA and others as After Market Options.

BT: How big of an internal hard drive system comes standard, and by how much can it be expanded?
DB: The hard drive options start from 250 GBs, 500 GBs, 750 GBs and a 1 TB drive is also available.

BT: How does the 9300 system handle video editing with a program like Adobe Premiere CS5?
DB:  I can’t comment on CS5 in particular, but I know that Adobe Photoshop works very well; the performance and expandability that the system is capable of should make it ideal for video editing.

BT: Should the system be used as a Kiosk for presentations?
DB: Absolutely, the device has a very interesting design which allows the device to recline all the way back on a surface up to 60 degrees, and it can incline forward by 5 degrees. It allows for a very comfortable and ergonomic user experience. You can use the device while you are standing and looking down on a desk, and it allows for multiple users to take advantage of the touch screen. It also features a very smartly designed swivel which allows the device to swivel around 180 degrees. You can also mount the device on the wall, so there are multiple usage styles that the model brings to allow it to be used in a variety of different environments.

BT: How much desk space does a person save by using the 9300?
DB: First off, the 9300 comes in a very sleek and space-saving all-in-one design. Depending on how you compute space-savings, the savings could be as much as 70 percent. On your desk, if you have a 23-inch monitor and next to it you have a small form factor desk top, you can think about the TouchSmart as if you are taking the small form factor unit off of your desk and you are just left with the display. The only cable that comes out of the device is the power cable; there is also wireless keyboard and mouse. It not only saves a lot of space, but it also enhances the space of a small studio and helps customers drive their brand awareness.

BT: How is the audio quality on the system?
DB: Very good. The system comes with premium speakers integrated below the screen, which allows for premium high definition audio experience.

BT: What is the price range of the system from the most standard models to the expanded models?
DB: Pricing has not yet been worked out, but the goal is to set the opening price point for the entry level 9300 with 2 GBs of memory same as that of its predecessor TouchSmart 9100 at around $1,099 and from there , you would have to add the features that you would need for your business.


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