Letters To Father Jacob wins 4 Jussi Awards at the 2010 Finnish Film Awards Gala

Letters To Father Jacob has been announced as winner of four JUSSI awards at the 2010 Finnish Film Awards Gala.

Lasse Saarinen and Rimbo Salomaa producers of the Letters To Father Jacob received Jussi for the Best Picture and Klaus Haro won Jussi for Best Director for directing this film.

Those that admired the performance of the Heikki Nousiainen as Father Jacob will appreciate the Jussi award he received for Best actor.

Dani Strömbäck, composer of the Letters To Father Jacob, was also announced as the winner for the Best Music of the year.

Letters to Father Jacob prior to winning 4 Jussi awards had won several at different international film festivals including the Cinema Without Borders Bridging the Borders Award at Palm Springs International Film Festival 2010.

Letters to Father Jacob is story of Leila, a life sentence prisoner who has just been pardoned. When she is released from prison, she is offered a job at a secluded rectory and she moves there against her will. Leila is used to taking care only of herself, so trouble is to be expected when she starts working as the personal assistant for Jacob, the blind priest living in the rectory. Every day the mail man brings letters from people asking for help from Father Jacob. Answering the letters is Jacob’s life mission, while Leila thinks it’s pointless.

Leila has already decided to leave the rectory when the letters suddenly stop coming. Jacob’s life is shaken to its foundation. Two completely different lives are intertwined unexpectedly, and the roles of the helper and the one being helped are turned upside down.

Photos courtesy of Tuomas Selänne


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