A Cry Within

Contrary to its tag line “Some cries are never heard”, A CRY WITHIN, a film written and directed by Frances Lozada, is one that speaks volumes. Lozada, who also stars in the short-subject with Franky G (The Italian Job, Jonny Zero), takes an emotional look at the hidden torment gay men and women face when coming to terms with their sexuality.

Diore (G) and Clara (Lozada) are strangers, but are strongly connected by their own inner turmoil. Familial and societal pressures force them to suppress their sexual identity (Clara’s mother prays passionately for God to send her a good man, and scowls at the idea of two women kissing), isolating themselves from the world and those they love (Diore’s anguish nearly ends in suicide). The film takes you on a deep and heart-wrenching ride that is hardly forgettable.

Judgement is the bottom line in this film; how can we pass judgment on those who, at the end of the day have similar crosses to bear? The strong references to religion offer a ray of hope and comfort, conveying that pure love is all.

A CRY WITHIN is a cry meant to be revealed, never to be hidden again. It is an eye-opening reminder that every human, regardless of their walk of life, has a profound story to tell, and the scars to prove it.

A CRY WITHIN will run at the SoHo International Film Festival in February, as part of the event’s official selection.


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