Watch out! A mouse called Go Nano is in your notebook!


Almost one out of the ten times I manage to bang my laptop onto a desk or a wall (don’t call me clumsy, you do it, too), I lose a USB wireless mouse receiver that extends out from the side USB port of my computer. I was blaming myself for recklessness until I had my hands on a Verbatim Nano Wireless mouse. Nano’s USB wireless mouse receiver is very tiny, very short, and it eliminates the risk of you breaking it in under any circumstances.

Verbatim Nano is compatible with both Windows and MAC OS and a 2.4 GHz RF signal connects it to its receptor. I tried my Nano with both MAC & PC and it showed reliable and fast performance with no delays in responses. Verbatim Nano has a great feel and easy grip and, if you are into fashion, you can pick one that matches your shirt color. Nano comes in red, green, purple, yellow, pink, blue and graphite. Also, Nano’s programmable roller button allows you to assign your favorite features to the roller.

We recommend the Verbatim Nano Wireless Mouse to anyone looking for reliability, comfort and elegance in a mouse.

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