"Enter the Dragon" Featured at the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival (NYC)


Directed by Ozren Miharcic, “Enter the Dragon” is the deliverance of an ideal, a token of remembrance as homage to the great martial artist Bruce Lee in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This unveiling in 2006, marked the erection of the world’s first statue to Bruce Lee, just one day before the China revealed their own monument.

However, not only was the bronze monument placed in the war torn town of Mostar a symbol of hope to those who have had ruined childhoods, but a reminder that destruction, ethnic division and conflict is not a permanent path.

The radiance of “Little Dragon” was to bring a sense of purpose to those who understand the true meaning of the monument. Embodied in the statue is the concept of determination, empowerment and perseverance to fight for what they believe is good. Devoid of political purpose, the idea is a simple one- unification of the people with positive energy and a belief in upholding justice.

As a result of the demarcation line, decisions where the place the statue was not an easy one. Facing east, it would have been regarded as a Croat Bruce Lee, which antagonized Muslims of the west. Being placed in the west, would be looked upon as a Muslim Bruce Lee statue threatening Croats in the East. The statue now faces north with the text: “Bruce Lee 1940-1973, your Mostar”.

Having its origins solely as a result of generous donations, at its unveiling ceremony called, “Dragon’s Nest”, a kung fu wu shu school turned out for a demonstration in addition to the Chinese Ambassador Li Shuyuan fostering beneficial relations between the two countries. Several hours after the ceremonial event, a piece of the statue was taken by vandals- the nunchaku sticks that the statue was holding tightly.

A symbol of hope given to the people was unfortunately shattered by the disrespect of vandals who spawned sadness even greater than what existed before. Despite this act (it was later spray painted black and graffitied), the statue had become accepted in the community, survived, and protected.

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