Running Across America, Two Men Become Focus of New Documentary

When world-class athletes Charlie Engle and Marshall Ulrich attempt to run across America this summer, a documentary film crew will be following along to capture their historical 3200-mile journey.

Produced by NEHST Studios (, “Running America” (, will begin shooting this summer when the runners begin their journey from San Francisco to New York City on June 15th. Engel and Ulrich will attempt to break the world record by running across America in 48 days, which will require an average of about 70 miles of running per day.

A world-class long distance runner, Charlie Engle was filmed in 2007 for a documentary, “Running the Sahara”, which will be released by NEHST this year. In it he runs for 111 days consecutively, completing the 4,500-mile journey across the Sahara. Marshall Ulrich is a world-class runner and mountaineer, and has completed 116 ultra-marathons.

Mr. Engle explains the purpose of “Running America” as a way to re-introduce America to people across the world. “From the small towns to the big cities; from the sea shores, to the mountains, to the plains – we want the world to see the quality of the people of America. We want Run America to be a catalyst for the revitalization of America”, he said.

The run across America will also raise money for H20 Africa, a clean water initiative that initiates programs in critical areas throughout Africa.


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