Sergej Stanojkovski's "Kontakt", Now Screening in Germany


Sergej Stanojkovski’s 2005 film, Kontakt is now playing in selected theaters in Germany. Kontakt a tragicomedy about two social rejects finding love in post-war Macedonia, has reached German cinemas this week. The film was first screened in 2005, and has since gone on to receive international recognition at several film festivals across the globe. In 2007 “Kontakt” was Macedonia’s official entry in the Academy Awards.

Mr. Stanojkovski, an alumnus of FAMU, the world-renowned Prague based film school, co-wrote the screenplay for the film with Gordan Mihic. His previous work includes “Navena”, a 1996 short film he completed while in a student, which went on to receive the Pavel Juracek Film award from FAMU.

“Kontakt” centers around the characters of Janko (Nikola Kojo), an ex-prisoner with a mean streak, and Zana (Labina Mitevska), a young woman recently released from a psychiatry ward. The two social misfits gradually form a relationship that leads them both towards happiness.

In an interview with Cinema Without Border’s Bijan Tehrani Mr. Stanojkovski illuminates the characters Zana and Janko. “These two lost souls in a certain moment of life, experience that there is someone, although very different and from a different social background, who is thinking of them, devoting time to them and loving them. Through these two characters we could show these eternal needs for love: to get and to give love….”

For his next feature, “The Love Carousel”, Mr. Stanojkovski again teamed up with screenwriter Gordan Mihic. The film is currently in production, and is billed as having the makeup of another tragicomedy.

Before it’s opening on German screens this week, “Kontakt” had previously been shown at various international festivals, including the Brooklyn International Film Festival in the U.S.


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