Acclaimed Short Films Get DVD Collection

Eight short films that have been recognized at international film festivals in recent years will be available for the first time next month, when the Film Movement releases its Festivals Shorts Collection on DVD.

The short films in the collection were internationally produced, and have been featured at prominent international film festivals, including Cannes, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Most of the films included in the DVD collection are award winners, including “Mann Im Mond” (Man in the Moon), a German film by directors Chris Stenner and Avrid Uibel. The 1999 film, about a lonely man living on the moon, was awarded at the Tehran International Short Film Festival for Best Animation.

The short films featured in the collection include “No Bikini”(2007), a Canadian produced comedy, “Migration Assistee” (2007), a French film about a migratory bird who needs assistance in flying, and “The Sickie” (2006), a British film about a worker who becomes sick of his job.

Film Movement, the New York based distributor of independent and foreign films, will make the DVD’s available on its website on April 1st. The films will also be available at major DVD retailers, including Blockbuster and Netflix.


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