Short Film Selections Announced For Tribeca Film Festival

Today the Tribeca Film festival announced its lineup of short films that will be featured in the upcoming 2008 program. Along with the wide slate of feature films selected, the annual lower Manhattan festival will include 79 short films that will be incorporated in 11 different thematic programs.

The selection of short films at this year’s festival will be representative of international filmmakers from 30 different countries, and feature a disparate thematic range. Indeed, the 11 thematic programs that makeup the short flims have wide range in subject, including the effects that humans have on the environment, the complexities of personal identity, the unpredictability of life, and a program specific to teenage life.

Included among the short film selections are eight one-minute films directed by Isabella Rosellini, entitled “Green Porno”. The films, which also feature Rosellini, take a comical look at the sex lives of bugs and insects, and will be screened preceding feature films.

The festival’s artistic director, Pete Scarlet, noted the increase in new technologies as a boon to short filmmakers, providing “exciting opportunities to find viewers where none were thought to exist before.” He added, “This year’s crop of short films show that these filmmakers sometimes display an imaginative flair that reminds us that a successful sprint can be just as much of an achievement as a marathon.”

The Tribeca Film festival will take place from April 23rd to May 4th. A full release of the short film selections, as well as any additional information, can be found at


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