Luminetik Animation Studios delivers us the first in a series of three high octane shorts to promote what will become a video game possibly based on the Unreal Engine 3 for top game development. “Kuriocity”, which features key characters from their upcoming animated feature- “Dis_Konnected”, is a tour de force in animation.

Surely to take the public by nothing short of a storm, the first short in the trilogy showcases- Ruby, a hard-nosed, no-nonsense soldier who is in midst of a mission is instructed by her contact, Ray, to proceed to a new location. The message demands immediate attention and Ruby is off with great celerity to ascertain classified information on a super-soldier project dubbed, “Alex”.
With only her razor honed skills guiding her, Ruby swiftly and surreptiously enters an ominous factory only to discover, she is under surveillance by the factory’s AI defenses. Now labeled the intruder, Ruby puts her rigorous training to good use as she evades countless traps in her goal to shed light on this mysterious, genetically enhanced warrior.

Deterred by an unlikely intruder, Ruby shows all those who come against her, that she means business with a capital B. Relentless and without mercy, the AI system triggers a countdown. Ruby must muster every ounce of her survival instincts to succeed and uncover the truth…
Powerfully evocative with its Blade Runner-like color palette, the short is nothing short of a powerhouse in its small running time. Filled with suspense from the very start, we are engaged in Ruby’s directives and can easily fill her shoes. Ruby oozes finesse, and just plain, kick derierre style. Ruby is someone you want to have as a bodyguard or enforcer. She rocks animatically.

Music is important in every medium in order to tell its own story or enhance the already scri pted story it overlays. Tom Salta, who has composed gripping soundtracks for such games such as Tom Clancy’s Advance Warfighter: Ghost Recon 1&2 (my personal fave), Crackdown, and Red Steel, as well as other top notch games, has infused the short with his expertise. Musically, Kurocity’s soundtrack is epic, suspenseful and pulse-pounding.
Kurocity is a synthesis of the talents of heavy hitters in the industry:

Akiko Ashley- Co-CEO-Executive Producer, Co-Director, Creator, Screenplay (past Nintendo employee and record executive.). Kevin Cahill-Co-CEO-Executive Producer, Animatic Editor, Lighting.

As co-director of Kurocity, Eric Durst’s credits include being a VFX Supervisor on- Spiderman 2, The Last Mimzy, End of Days, Torque, Jet Li: The One, Batman and Robin, and Batman Forever. Co-Director John Ford Jr.’s credits include- Sin City, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Spy Kids 3D, Spy Kids, Spawn, Fifth Element, and Wing Commander both bringing an eclectic feel of many influences into the short.

The voice of RUBY is characterized by – TONYA PINKINS, who is a Tony award winning actress. She has been seen in the Showtime hit series: “Sleeper Cell”, “Law And Order”, “Cold Case”, and “Criminal Minds”. In addition, she has been a regular cast member on “All My Children”. Her filmography includes- “Romance & Cigarettes”, “Love Hurts”, “Above The Rim”, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”, and many more. Tonya has been recently seen in the film, “Enchanted”.

The voice of RAY is brought to life by actor, JONATHAN BRECK, who was famous for the CREEPER in the cult classic “JEEPERS CREEPERS”. His other credits include- “JAG”, “Spiders”, “Star Trek: Voyager”, “I Married a Monster”, “Full Circle”, “Good Advice”, “Rodeo Girl”, “Be My Baby” and many others.
Stay tuned for part 2…Luminetik is the one to watch…


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