Netherbeast Incorporated, directed by brothers, Dean and Brian Ronald

An interesting look at the world of vampires, Netherbeast Incorporated deals with vampires who work at a telephone company. Yes, I said telephone company. In fact, they have worked for centuries at Berm-Tech Industries in Arizona. Maintained with good health by an ancient artifact called, the nether stone, these netherfolk (that’s the politically correct terminology by the way), have all the means to thrive. With no need to venture out of the building they call home,
they work like normal human beings for the good of the corporation. Just like the rest of us. Or, so it seemed.

The head honcho of the company is Turner Claymore (played by Daryl Hammond of SNL fame). A little off his rocker, with a sly sensibility to him, Turner gets a vampire disease called- retardations. In the human realm, it’s similar to Alzheimer’s but the onset of the ailment is much quicker for netherbeasts, we’re talking hours here. Turning the company upside down because of it, Turner is eventually rendered powerless. He resorts calling upon someone from the outside world- a productivity consultant named Steven P.D. Landry.

With a dark side himself, things begin to get really interesting around Berm-Tech. Run of the mill employees like- Otto Granberry (Steve Burns) and Pearl Stricklett (Amy Davidson) notice the strange incidents, which seem to make themselves known. Pearl is a quirky yet very warped character, that got the audience laughing with her fetish for ventriloquist dummies. Ultimately, the duo make a decision to investigate.

A character of note is a comrade of Otto’s, nicknamed Waxy Dan. Played by Jason Mewes, Waxy delivers a memorable moment when he instills a little confidence in Otto by telling him to get the Eye of the Jackal. There are many moments like these which infuses light hearted humor continually through the film. A surprise was to see veteran actor, Robert Wagner playing the role of President James Garfield. Garfield unbeknownst to us humans was a netherfolk who underwent a life altering heart transplant. That’s all I’ll reveal.

With all the ties ins in the script, there’s even a link to Alexander Graham Bell, hence the telephone company the netherfolk work for. Directed by brothers, Dean and Brian Ronald, the story is a definite twist in the genre, with wacky humor etched in throughout. One part, which did elicit a massive guffaw, was the true meaning of the Tortoise and the Hare. Thinking deeply about this realization, I have to say I believe the reasoning behind why the tortoise won the race. That scene was very funny.

Does it work for what it is? Yes, it does. However, it felt like many various skits sewn together with threads of punchlines and unusual pairings and concepts. Extremely low budget looking; the sound sometimes was inaudible from several of the characters. If you want wacky, horrorific comedy (more comedy than horror), then this film is for you. If you want gore galore, then it’s not.
“NETHERBEAST INCORPORATED was showcased at the Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In at Rockefeller Center- NYC”

* * 1/2
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