Letters Without Borders, A Letter From Prague


Last  week I saw “Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále“,  “I Served The King of England“ in a film club in the heart of Prague. The film is directed by JiÅ™í Menzel and the impression that it evoked in me was a mixture of  amazement, nostalgia, and   happiness. I was glad I didn t miss it. 
 Scenes in the film brought back the world from the beginning of the 20th century that promised so much  and opened the gates of  the modern age and then produced two great tragedies. On the background of  art nouveau, where everyday life has its grace and charm, we can see the story of a young and naive man who is in love with the whole world. Poetic and dreamy images are followed by naked facts of a totalitarian regime; At first it is the German occupation and then the Communist regime. Seen with the eyes of a young lover and later an old man, they are both absurd and destructive.
 There are many beautiful moments in the film where you can forget about everything and just enjoy the scenes, excellent  actors, and sweet oblivion of reality . If you ask me what this film is about, I would tell you that it is about style, human dignity, and love. An old Latin saying came to my mind: Omnia  vincit amor,  Love wins over all.
 I would definitely recommend that you go and see this film as its charm fascinates your mind, its kind humor fills your heart, and its beauty pleases your senses.

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