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Days of European films started to exist thirteen years ago thanks to several Prague ambassadors from the European Union who loved movies. At the beginning OF nineties, there were not so many films in Czech cinemas like today and these diplomats wanted to show the Czech audience the best what could be seen from the European cinematography. With a minimal organizational and technical background they created a film festival that was accepted with great interest and showed that events OF this type are very tempting for Czech public. The first „experimental“year of this festival saw about 6:000 visitors and the 13th year nearly 19.000.
Every year this festival introduces about 50 features and short films that represent actual state of European cinematography. We prefer films that are not older than 4 years that all the genres are involved and that there are selected films that were evaluated with prizes on other egestivalsfestivals. Days OF European film enable the visitor to find out what s new in European film.
Czech distribution companies are giving more movies from the old continent but cinematography from certain lands gets to the Czech audience very rarely.
Films are personally introduced by foreign and Czech film makers – discussions with them are very popular and guests appreciate open and friendly atmosphere OF these meetings.
At the time OF the festival there are also traditional events as the “Marathon of European film“, which is a all night long weekend screening of five films, discussion at the round table and also a workshop “Film and school.“
Festival is organized by the embassies and cultural institutes of the present and future members OF the European Union, capital city of Prague and the Ministry of Culture……and many others.


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