Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation

Produced by “Seinfeld” producer Larry Charles and starring Golden Globe Winner Sacha Baron Cohen who takes his character Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakh journalist on the road headed to America. This mockumentary begins in Borat’s homeland of Kazakhstan where Borat welcomes us with, “Jak sie masz? My name-a Borat. I like you. I like sex. Is nice!”

Filmed actually in regions of Romania (along with unsuspecting Romanians) due to the government of Kazakhstan publicly denouncing the film content, Borat takes us on a tour of his quaint little village and introduces us to the people in his life: his mother who happens to be the oldest woman in Kuzek at 42 years old, his sister Natalya, who happens to be the number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan, his boring obese wife Oxanna, and his pain in the ass neighbor, Nushuktan
Tulyiagby who must get all the same items in his home just like Borat (except a clock radio).

So, as to “not get execute”, Borat’s nation catapults him off to the good ole US and A to learn of America’s ways to make Kazakhstan a better place. Travelling with him is the noted Kazakh corpulent producer, Azamat Bagatov who chides Borat on keeping on task with the documentary as he is being kept on watch by the government.

Decked out in a grey suit, Borat arrives bright eyed and in awe of America as he clings to a descending JFK escalator. While on the NY Subway system, he formally introduces himself (and his chicken) in an innocent manner in hopes his hosts treat him the same. As Borat reaches over to plant a kiss on a male passenger on the crowded subway train, he is introduced to NY-attitude the hard way. But, that doesn’t stop Borat whose child-like demeanor of inquisitiveness likens him to a Forrest Gump.

Borat’s trip to America takes on new meaning when he discovers true love for the first time while watching “Baywatch” on a hotel television. Falling madly in love with C.J./Pamela Anderson and tugging on his heart strings, Borat convinces his consistently uptight counterpart Azamat to journey to California to see cowboys, Pearl Harbor…and Texas for filming purposes. Along the way to achieve his quest to see his dreamgirl Pamela Anderson, Borat gains protection in the form of a black bear named after his now deceased wife, Oxanna. This sudden shift in gears summarily changes the documentary to including footage of US customs from across the country now.

Travelling on Road America in a dilapidated ice cream truck (which was the only vehicle he could buy), Borat and Azamak make the trek toward Cali and stopping off in various places along the way- [from Atlanta, GA where he is taught street slang, a garage sale in middle America where Borat accuses a woman of being a gypsy and shrinking the owner of the house to a Barbie doll, to a rodeo where he shouts over a mike that he supports America’s “war of terror”], Borat spares no expense to insult or embarrass anyone who comes in his sphere of influence.

Upon finally arriving in California, Borat achieves his dream of meeting the woman of his dreams. All chaos breaks loose and quickly ends a routine Pamela Anderson signing at the Virgin Megastore when he attempts to forcibly take her as his “virgin” bride. The scuffle which ensues is reminiscent of an episode of “COPS”, and is sure to inject laughter in every minute of the scene.

All in all, despite the apparent controversy surrounding this film, Cohen succeeds in what he intended to do which is make us laugh and laugh hard. Niiiiceee!
Ratimg: A-


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