Tomasz Luc talks about LITTLE JAKUB and Polish Film Festival, LA


One of the Polish artists attending the 2017 Polish Film Festival Los Angeles is Tomasz Luc, a great composer festival will screen LITTLE JAKUB, a film that he has composed music for.  Tomasz was very kind to answer Cinema Without Borders’ request to provide us with an introduction of his work for the LITTLE JAKUB.

Composer, arranger and guitarist. Born in 1970. He started writing music in 1993 for the theater in Wroclaw. Since then he has been a music director and composer in over twenty theaters in Poland. The most important events were: “The Angelus European Literature Award” and “Europe Theatre Prize.” He also worked as a composer on several television programs. In 2017 he received a prize for music for two TV plays ABOVE and THE VISIT at the Teatroteka Festival. In the meantime, he created music for several documentaries and thanks to that fact discovered his true passion. LITTLE JAKUB is his feature score debut.

LITTLE JAKUB, Maly Jakub, 2016, 78 min. and 44 sec.
The movie is a simple story about reconciliation. At the age of nine or ten, a breakthrough occurs. A small person crosses a barrier, begins to perceive the world differently, changes his attitude towards events. Deeper feelings surface, new emotions. How to cope with them, tame them, process them?
What is better, what attitude to life is more appropriate? One based on lying to oneself, immersing in our own, imagined world? Or perhaps a realistic one, more brutal, but one that is well-grounded? But is it worth it?


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