Award winning filmmaker takes on Russia with TO THE MOON AND BACK


Putin.Obama.Orphan Hostages.Murdered Russian Lawyer.Billionaire British Investment Banker.The Accidental Death of an Innocent Child.A Loving American Family Caught in the Cross-hairs. This entire story is told by provocative Hollywood filmmaker, Susan Morgan Cooper, in her latest documentary To The Moon and Back. Already creating international political waves, the film is available in-stores and on demand in it’s national release by top distributor Gravitas Ventures on Tuesday, May 22nd.

From the reports of Trump Jr. meeting Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, Billionaire Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Sanctions, to Miles Harrison – the innocent father that was personally targeted by Putin — the public has remained confused as to how it all ties together…This is the story that tells it all.

With countless children still trapped in Putin’s clutches, Susan Morgan Cooper continues to dedicate her life to ending this travesty. After screening her film on Capital Hill, she stood before Congress members and urged the White House to re-open negotiations with Putin to release the children. A petition was signed by dozens in Congress and has made it to the Oval Office where it remains today.

Through this journey, Morgan Cooper has also helped propel into Congress the HOTCARS Act: a bill written to mandate the installation of sensor technology in all vehicles to save the lives of children in America. Her next documentary, Fatal Distraction, explores the aftermath of hot car deaths, most notably the complicated story of what happens when one father’s accident becomes a media circus and legal nightmare. Can the legal system really be just when the court of public opinion renders a fair trial impossible?

Next on Morgan Cooper’s slate is East LA Kings, a narrative film about a Los Angeles Police Activities League Officer who took a group of at-risk inner city kids off the streets and turned them into a championship hockey team. This true story hopes to help bridge the growing divide between law enforcement and the community while inspiring disadvantaged youth to seek a path to a better life.

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