The Black Experience On Film


The African American Film Critics Association and TCM have collaborated for a month long programme titled The Black Experience on Film. The event is scheduled to screen 32 films which deals with depictions of African Americans throughout cinematic history. It begins on 4 September and airs every Tuesday and Thursday in prime time slots.

The president of AAFCA mentioned that such an opportunity was a matter of honour as it gives an opportunity for “impactful programming”. Emphasising the fact that several African American narratives often go unheard, and more dangerously untold, the president mentioned that this historical trend has been a “long and arduous journey.”

“Since the earliest beginnings of the art form, African Americans have had a presence in cinema. That is the point we hope these 32 films will drive home. Our intent is that audiences be engaged, entertained and enlightened by the sheer diversity and breadth of this substantial arc of film programming,” he added.

The event will include special episodes like Hollywood Confronts Racism which includes discussions with film critic Shawn Edwards and’s Jasmine Simpkins. They explore the narratives of films including 1961’s A Raisin in the Sun and 1984’s A Soldier’s Story to talk about the issue.

The complete program is available here.

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