Iran’s National Orchestra releases “Song of Humanity” in honor of health workers


 Iran’s National Orchestra has released a music video titled “Song of Humanity” to acknowledge the efforts the medical staff have made in the battle with the corona-virus.

The orchestra under the baton of conductor Sohrab Kashef has performed for the music video, which was unveiled during a meeting attended by Health Minister Saeid Namaki and Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyyed Abbas Salehi at the Health Ministry on Thursday.

The orchestra performed the song in honor of the healthcare staff in Vahdat Hall in Tehran.

Speaking at the ceremony, the culture minister expressed thanks to the health minister and all the medical and healthcare staff in their battle with COVID-19, and said, “The medical staff have always been with people over the past 40 years, especially during the Iran-Iraq war.”

“The history of war cannot be recorded without the history of medicine. During the chemical bombardment in the war, like these days of battling with the coronavirus, there was not much knowledge, but the energy, faith and commitment of the medical staff made them win the situation. We are proud of them over the past forty years, and now, after five months of hard days with the new virus, their great efforts will surely be recorded. Their help and endeavors will not be forgotten,” the culture minister said.

He added, “Art and culture also followed the healthcare staff and carried out their social responsibility well. I hope this video will act like a little gift for the health care staff and help keep their spirits higher.”

Health Minister Namaki also on his part expressed thanks to the orchestra, and said, “Our colleagues are battling with the coronavirus in these hard days of sanctions. We, unfortunately, have lost a number of our colleagues, but what has encouraged them these days are the additional energy that people and art and cultural figures have given them. This video will surely keep their spirit up.”

“Art is the language of love. The individual who goes through fire as a healthcare staff is in love. The great efforts made by our doctors and nurses in the battle with coronavirus are praiseworthy,” he said.

Namaki wished a long and precious life to all the artists, calling them a great social asset.

“I hope no one will get infected with this disease and I wish that we will be able to control this disease in the near future,” he concluded.

A number of Iranian musicians have released music videos during the home quarantine to insert hope and encourage people in the battle against the coronavirus, while they have also tried to express appreciation for the efforts made by the healthcare staff.

The Tehran Symphony Orchestra released a music video from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 “Ode to Joy” it produced along with 148 world musicians in May.

Members of Iran’s National Orchestra also produced “Sabokbal” and “Romantic Passion” during the home quarantine in May.

Each musician recorded a video of her/his performances of composer Hossein Dehlavi’s “Sabokbal” and Morteza Neydavud’s “Romantic Passion” in an innovative project by the Rudaki Artistic Cultural Foundation. The two videos were produced based on the videos recorded by each musician.


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