Pope Francis: A Man of His Word; The Negotiator; Mark Cousins


WIM Wenders has been given access to Pope Francis and produced a film that gives the viewer a line that tends to reiterate what many feel is known already – namely, he is the most likeable and progressive Pontiff, well, ever. Called Pope Francis: A Man of His Word, it doesn’t so much tell us about what it’s like to be given such a job, but give him space to talk about inequality and social justice. The interview is hardly Paxman-esque, but still offers an insight as to being the head of the Catholic church today.

• The Negotiator, starring Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike, is a fairly straight-up thriller set in the strife-torn Beirut of the early 1980s. Skiles (Hamm) is the former diplomat with a heap of personal baggage who is sent to the city with his CIA handler Crowder (Pike) to try and negotiate the release of a hostage – while also trying to work out who has done what among the many competing elements in the city.

• Director Mark Cousins, whose doc The Eyes Of Orson Welles is out now, will be talking about his work at the Bertha Doc House screen at the Bloomsbury Curzon on Wednesday. Cousins has created a gentle and kind consideration of Orson’s art, his direction and his acting, and shown why he is still so fresh and relevant today. You can quiz Cousins on the film after a screening. See dochouse.org/cinema/dochouse-thursdays

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