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The New York Kurdish Film and Cultural Festival, founded by NY-based educator and human rights activist Xeyal Qertel, is proud to announce its fifth edition. This year’s programming centers Kurdish women and their contributions to human rights discourse, feminism, literature, and egalitarian social organizing. The festival includes feature and short film screenings, live music performance, and book talks. New York’s landmark movie theater, Village East by Angelika will host us. The event will take place Friday September 10th from 6 PM – 10 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 2 PM – 10 PM.
NYKFCF is sponsored by Justice for Kurds, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung NY Office, NYU Kevorkian Center, and Kurdish Lobby in Australia. Our community partners are Washington Kurdish Institute, Kat and Retaw Film Distributions, and German Film Office.

Cinema Without Borders: Please tell us about 2021 Festival, will it be online or in person?
Xeyal Qertel: Our fifth edition will take place in person at a landmark movie theater in New York, Village East by Angelika on September 10-12th.

NYKFCF’s fifth edition is dedicated to honor Kurdish women’s endeavor to create an equitable, more humane and just society in the Middle East and around the globe. The three days festival features mix of short and feature films, and that most of them will have their American premiers in NYKFCF’s fifth edition.

CWB: What are the genres of the films screened at the festival
XQ: Fiction, short and feature documentary.

CWB: How audiences could watch the films?
XQ: The festival tickets are available for sale online and at the door. For online purchase, the audience can visit our website,, or go to We have to share an important announcement with our audiences: as you may already know, NYC mandates proof of COVID19 vaccination upon entry of all indoor activities, including movie theaters. The mandate includes everyone above 12 years of age. The first dose of vaccine is accepted, but there are no exceptions. Everyone should bring and carry their vaccine cards throughout the festival.

CWB: How many days will the Festival run?
XQ: The fifth edition will run for three days, starting on Friday, September 10 through Sunday, September 12.

CWB: Are there any Q&A sessions?
XQ: There are three Q&A sessions: a pre-recorded one by Alba Sotorra and two live ones by Ersin Celik and Sero Hinde.

CWB: Does The New York Kurdish Film and Cultural Festival deals with Kurdish women issues:?
XQ: Our festival explores Kurdish women’s efforts to create a better, more humane
society in the Middle East and around the globe. We are trying to show who Kurdish women are
and what they are trying to do. They have contributed significantly to human rights discourse,
feminism, literature, and equitable and inclusive societal formation. This festival honors that.


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