NETFLIX is my passports to the world cinema


NETFLIX is my passports to the world cinema, where ever I travel, I have my iPad and my NETFLIX login info. Without that, I am like a Robinson Crusoe, abandoned from the kingdom of entertainment. A friend of mine, a field critic, that travels to most of the international film festivals around the globe, told me that he could access is Netflix in 22 countries. NETFLIX is available in over one hundred and ninety countries around the world. And I feel I’m happy gypsy carrying my movie theater with me in my iPad. What also excites me about NETFLIX , is its investments into the international cinema. Before NETFLIX , international films, even films by masters like Asghar Farhadi, could hardly fill a small movie theater for more than a few days. Movie goers were never fans of subtitled movies. But surprisingly when NETFLIX started to pay attention to the international cinema, there has been an extreme raise in the number of their visitors streaming subtitled movies. As an example, Asghar Farhadi’s masterpiece Everybody knows, has been amazingly successful. This is a real good news for international cinema fans and filmmakers. In a few countries that I traveled to, and film fans, do not have access to NETFLIX , having a NETFLIX account was a dream for them.

In several parts of the Middle East, where most of the time your NETFLIX login doesn’t function, on a rare time, that it works, people celebrate it with their friends who love movies. I was talking to a friend who runs a film school in Tehran, and she told me if my students had a chance to access to NETFLIX , that could have been the best classroom for them.

Whenever I open NETFLIX , my heart beats start to raise, and every time I am waiting for a surprise, to find something new and exciting. I will write more about my NETFLIX experiences as a traveler and also I will write about good international films you can stream from this amazing platform.


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Shirin Jahed

Shirin Jahed is an Iranian/American director and producer with decades of experience and a long list of credits. She has produced and directed several kids shows as well as TV Plays and TV series. Shirin is a graduate of School of Journalism and School of Television and Cinema.

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