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MUBI in September streams films and curated series from both emerging talent and acclaimed directors from across the globe. MUBI continues its ongoing commitment to exclusive new releases in this month, with Oscar-nominated Agnieszka Holland’s haunting Spoor and Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof’s allegory of authoritarianism A Man of Integrity — both featured in the “Luminaries” strand.

MUBI also charts the career of Roland Klick – a contemporary of Werner Herzog and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, whose deft exploration of genre makes for an adventurous viewing experience – and the films of Martín Rejtman, whose debut feature Rapado is credited with launching the New Argentine Cinema movement.

Additional highlights include two of Ken Loach’s hardest-hitting social dramas, Sweet Sixteen and My Name Is Joe, and a double bill of Wim Wenders’ under-appreciated American adventures.
Highlights from the September line-up are as follows:
Exclusive Premieres
The latest from Oscar-nominated Agnieszka Holland, Spoor (Berlin ‘17) is an oddball murder-mystery that defies expectations. The veteran Polish director masterfully weaves themes of environmentalism and class struggle into this haunting thriller.

Spoor — September 11 — Exclusive
State-banned Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof – who was recently sentenced to a year in prison – nevertheless continues to make films that challenge corruption. The Un Certain Regard winner at Cannes 2017, A Man of Integrity is an allegory of authoritarianism that pulses with bold social critique.

A Man of Integrity — September 17— Exclusive
Phuttiphong Aroonpheng’s entrancing debut feature confronts the Rohingya refugee crisis through unexpected means. Manta Ray is both perplexingly hypnotic and a sharp political allegory. Winner of the 2018 Venice Horizons Award.

Manta Ray — September 26 — Exclusive
Wim Wenders in America
A double bill highlighting two of Wim Wenders’s underappreciated sojourns to America — one that found him collaborating with Francis Ford Coppola’s doomed private studio American Zoetrope, and one that inspired the ire of Mel Gibson, who attempted to block its release. Despite the contentious productions, Wenders’ peerless vision shines through.

Hammett — September 13
The Million Dollar Hotel — September 14
What is an Auteur?
This ongoing series showcasing distinctive cinematic careers continues with Britain’s veteran social realist filmmaker Ken Loach and one of his most potent works Sweet Sixteen (Cannes ‘02). Conversely, the highly stylized and outrageous efforts of Italian director Giulio Questi is also featured, including his cult spaghetti western Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot!

Sweet Sixteen — September 21
My Name Is Joe — September 22
Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot! — September 29
Death Laid an Egg — September 30
The Captive Man: Genre Films by Roland Klick — Exclusive

A contemporary of Herzog, Fassbinder and Alexander Kluge, the lesser-known Roland Klick deserves similar acclaim. Klick’s films chart a fervent quest for freedom – whether capturing the zeitgeist of German youth of the 60s (Jimmy Orpheus) and 70s (Supermarkt), re-imagining the classic Western (Deadlock) or even starring Dennis Hopper (White Star). These are bold blasts of adventurous genre storytelling. MUBI is proud to present the first-ever online retrospective dedicated to this filmmaker worthy of discovery.
Jimmy Orpheus — September 16
Supermarkt — September 23
White Star — October 10
Melancholy and Deadpan: The Films of Martín Rejtman — Exclusive

MUBI spotlights director Martín Rejtman, whose debut film Rapado (Locarno ‘92) launched the New Argentine Cinema, a movement that also produced the likes of Lucrecia Martel and Lisandro Alonso. Often compared to Jim Jarmusch and Robert Bresson, Rejtman’s work is fueled by an effortless combination of charm and warmth. This retrospective spans three decades – including the exclusive online premiere of his latest film Shakti (Berlin ‘19), which will show on MUBI directly following its U.S. premiere at this year’s New York Film Festival.
Silvia Prieto — September 19
The Magic Gloves — September 25
Two Shots Fired — October 2
Shakti — October 15
The Unusual Subjects: Gilliam and Herzog


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