CWB announces MOZAIK as sponsor for Bridging The Borders Award


Burbank, Ca — April 1, 2021 — At Cinema Without Borders, we are thrilled to announce MOZAIK as the new sponsor of our Bridging The Borders Award.  The humanistic goals of MOZAIK, their broad vision of how people of our world should come together, and their understanding of how the art of filmmaking bridges over invisible borders, makes them the perfect match for the Bridging The Borders Award.

The MOZAIK Bridging The Borders Award will be offered at the Palm Springs ShortFest International Film Festival, The Palm Springs International Film Festival, The Polish Film Festival – LA, The Hungarian Film Festival- LA, Scandinavian Film Festival-LA, Australia’s Montage Film Festival, UK’s Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival and Germany’s LUCAS – International Festival for Young Film Lovers.

“The idea behind the Award has been to connect people across the globe through the power of film, which has made it a great success during its fourteen years of highlighting films in several local and international festivals,” said Bijan Tehrani, Editor in Chief of Cinema Without Borders. “Receiving heartwarming words from great filmmakers and winners of the Bridging The Borders Award—such as the late Andrzej Wajda, the legendary Polish filmmaker Ari Folman who directed Waltz with Bashir, the Finnish director Klaus Haro, and many others—has encouraged us to look for a brighter, more inclusive future, and that is why we are enthusiastic about our partnership with MOZAIK.”

“Year after year, filmmakers from around the globe capture through their lenses stories that are deeply rooted in the ideals of justice, human rights, and everyday empathy for our fellow neighbors, both near and far. The Bridging The Borders Award celebrates this form of authentic cinema where viewers find solidarity in the universality of human experience, and, in turn, are moved to meaningful action to address some of the greatest global struggles of our time, ” said Keely Badger, Executive Director of MOZAIK Philanthropy.

The winner of the MOZAIK Bridging the Borders Award at each festival receives a media recognition spotlights across print and digital platforms.

About MOZAIK Philanthropy
MOZAIK’s mission is to democratize philanthropy by exploring and modeling new practices with disruptive, creative, and catalytic potential. The organization invites communities to help govern its grantmaking decisions, democratizing access to the foundation’s philanthropic equity, while championing new modes of participatory, inclusionary, and socially innovative grantmaking. Learn more visit MOZAIK.

At a time when physical, religious, racial, cultural, and economic borders divide the population of our planet, efforts to bridge those borders should be appreciated. In that spirit, Cinema Without Borders presents Bridging the Borders Award to the films that are most successful in bridging and connecting the people of our world closer together.

 KEELY BADGER, Executive Director of MOZAIK Philanthropy
Keely Badger is a millennial multidisciplinary expert and advocate on international human rights and development issues. Her work centers at the intersection of restorative justice, movement-building, new media, and the emerging legal precedent on the human right to know the truth. Her unique expertise champions durable solutions for underrepresented voices, communities and causes, by working with leading philanthropists, brands, and content creators to catalyze storytelling as a tool for peacemaking. Keely holds a B.A. from the University of San Diego in Cultural Anthropology & Political Science, an M.A. from Dartmouth College in Globalization Studies, and an MSt. in International Human Rights Law from University of Oxford. She is a 2019 graduate of the Rockwood Leadership Institute.


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Bijan Tehrani a film director, film critic and writer, works as editor in chief of Cinema Without Borders while teaching Language of Film and Film History at workshops nationwide. Bijan has won several awards in international film festivals and book fairs for his short films and children's books.

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