Moon Dogs review


It has some promising moments, but there is something forced, contrived and a bit cliched about this fey British indie in the road-movie style. Two teenage stepbrothers, Michael (Jack Parry-Jones) and Thor (Christy O’Donnell), set out from Shetland to Glasgow on a dual mission: Michael to confront his girlfriend, who is at uni and who he suspects is cheating on him, and Thor to find his estranged and remarried mum.

On the way, they meet up with singer Caitlin. In this role, Tara Lee is landed with a frankly unconvincing manic-pixie-rock-chick role – a tough, street-smart character who is there in a kind of sacrificial sense, to facilitate the emotional growth of Michael and Thor and their all-important relationship with each other. The comic notes at the beginning are forced and laborious, but the cast are doing their best with it. Jamie Sives raises a smile as Thor’s dad, a man concerned with his Viking ancestry.


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