Money Heist, the best TV series of all times on NETFLIX


After falling in love with Money Heist, the NETFLIX blockbuster, I called many of my friends in the film industry and film media in Iran and in Europe to find out if they share my passion towards this series. I was not surprised when most of them agreed with me on Money Heist’s uniqueness and beauty.

It has been almost over 35 years that I am writing about movies and TV series and only God knows how many TV series I have watched over my lifetime. (I usually watch between 2 to five episodes of TV shows every day) but I can say that to me Money Heist is the best TV series of all times. (at least so far)

There are many in the film and TV industry that believe Netflix presents a threat to the future of movie and TV productions. But I think what Netflix has done so far is helping good international artists get the same opportunity in the world market as a US artist. If it wasn’t for Netflix, TV series such as Money Heist would never get a chance to be seen by millions of millions of viewers. If it wasn’t for Netflix, Money Heist could have limited its success to the European market only, and possibly would have not gone beyond the second season.

Money Heist, with the Spanish title of La Casa de Papal, (The Paper Castle) is a crime drama series that was created by Alex Pina. The series follows the Professor played by Alvaro Morte. Professor has plans for two money heists, one on the Royal Mint of Spain and the other one on the Bank of Spain.

The main characters in the series are named after the different cities in different countries in order to keep their real names secret. This gives a humoristic touch to the whole film. Characters are amazingly developed and just after one episode you start to know them like a family member, you know how they think and how they behave, and you really care about them.

I’m sure I don’t have to go on telling the story of the series for you as I am certain that many of you have already watched all the five seasons

What makes Money Heist exceptional is giving a attaching a revolutionary act of the gang that’s supposed to be criminals. Money Heist directors and creators reveal the authorities criminal Acts, and that is the main reason for what makes the Professor and his gang heroes.

Money Heist has become a cult series and there are millions of people around the world that are following the future plans of Netflix for future seasons of this series.


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Shirin Jahed

Shirin Jahed is an Iranian/American director and producer with decades of experience and a long list of credits. She has produced and directed several kids shows as well as TV Plays and TV series. Shirin is a graduate of School of Journalism and School of Television and Cinema.

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