Iraq – Kuwait War movie “Airlift”; Aug 12 at Asian Film Fest


Iraq Invades Kuwait, tanks and troops pour over the border. Over 160,000 Indian oil workers are suddenly trapped in the crossfire.

Overnight the Indian Embassy abandons the country. Now, only one man can save the workers from becoming hostages trapped in a foreign land.
Indian sensation Akshay Kumer plays a wealthy and powerful Indian businessman who must suddenly choose between helping his fellow countrymen or fleeing to safety with his family. This tense, tightly drawn drama of life and death, friend and foe is one of the finest films to come out of India. Moreover, the story is true and you can see all the exciting action this coming Saturday evening at 7 pm as part of the Lakewood Asian Film Fest being held at Pierce College, Fort Steilacoom.

Want more? Saturday’s 2 pm film is the award winning Australian film “Rabbit Proof Fence”. Film deals with the 1930’s government relocation of young Aboriginal females. Ebert and Roeper gave the film “Two Thumbs Way Up.”


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