Iran’s Cinema Verite announces international jury


Two panels with a total of six jurors from Italy, France, South Africa, Thailand and Iran will be judging the documentaries in the international completion at the 11th Cinema Verite, the major Iranian international festival documentary cinema that opens tomorrow, the organizers announced on Friday.

Matthieu Darras from France, Pimpaka Towira from Thailand and Sam Kalantari from Iran will be judging the films competing in the short and mid-length documentaries sections.

The feature-length documentaries will be judged by a jury consisting of Darryl Els from South Africa, Gianfranco Rosi from Italy and Katayun Shahabi from Iran.

In addition, the organizers released the names of eight Iranian films that will be competing in the international section.

“Soft Sand of Fakkeh” by Abbas Omrani Bidi and “Lotus” by Mohammmdreza Vatandoost are the two Iranian short documentaries in the international section.

The mid-length documentaries are “Oriental Experience” by Fatemeh Musavi, “Barracks” by Hadi Masumdoost) and “Full Stop” by Jamshid Mojaddadi.

“Seeking Farideh” by Azadeh Musavi and Kurosh Atai, “Women with Gunpowder Earrings” by Reza Farahmand and “My Mom, My Tribe” by Ezzatollah Parvazeh are the feature-length documentaries competing in the event.

The Documentary and Experimental Film Center is the organizer of the Cinema Verite festival, which will be held at Tehran’s Charsu Cineplex from December 10 to 17.


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