ÍRÁN:CI to bring Iranian films to Czech audience


 ÍRÁN:CI, the Festival of Iranian Films in Prague, Brno and Bratislava, is slated to bring a lineup of Iran titles to the Czech audience.

The festival, which is also dubbed ‘Bringing Iranian Films to the Czech Audience: ÍRÁN:CI’, will open its seventh edition on Monday, January 8, 2018 at Bakala Foundation with the slogan of ‘Don’t be scared!’.

Short Iranian films to be screened at the international event include Retouch directed by Kaveh Mazaheri, Soheil Amirsharifi’s VisionA Girl In The Room by Karim Lakzadeh, Saerah Saghari’s Mr. Ahmadi And A Simple JourneyAnimaldirected by Bahman and Bahram Ark, Gaze by Farnoush Samadi, Amir Toudeh Roosta’s Lay My Bed In The RoomMarziyeh by Dornaz Hajiha, Arian Vazirdaftari’s Not YetWhales directed by Behnam Abedi as well as Arman Khansarian’s Teal.

The titles in contention include movies such as Israfil by Ida Panahadeh and Abed Abest’s StimulationParting by Navid Mahmoudi, Behnam Behzadi’s Inversion and Redhead by Karim Lakzadeh.

Ali Fakhr Mousavi’s Autumn Memories jointly produced by Iran, Ukraine and the Czech Republic will also be showcased at the event.

Among films on the festival’s roster, Redhead might be of interest to ifilmers as an off-the-radar title in the event.

Redhead is the story of a quiet man who sets out on a journey to his home village after 14 years when he is told that his younger brother has been stabbed by a knife. Arriving at the misty snow-covered village, he soon finds himself in a spiral of mysterious events that force him to come to terms with the truth he has been escaping from for many years.

ÍRÁN:CI, which will last in three Czech cities until January 20, aims at putting together brilliant works of art created by people who do not change themselves to ‘fit in’. “They are off the radar of what is ‘trendy’ and what is ‘important’. They do not follow institutionalized notions of cinema, they only strive to create art that is wholly honest to their audience. They tell their own heartfelt stories of hope, doubt, love and despair with a voice that rings true to the open hearted,” the official website of the festival reads.


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