A conversation with Asghar Farhadi about A Hero, A MUST SEE on Amazon & Namava


A Hero, Iran’s Oscar entry and Academy Awards shortlisted film by Asghar Farhadi is about Rahim who is in prison because of a debt he was unable to repay. During a two-day leave,  he tries to convince his creditor to withdraw his complaint against the payment of part of the sum. But things don’t go as planned…

The following is my interview with Mr. Farhadi about making of A Hero

Asghar Farhadi is among real authors of the world of cinema. You can watch his films without the credits and still know that is his work. Farhadi is faithful to the bases of classic cinema, but adapts real life turns and twists to build his own version of drama. Like other cinema masters and authors such as John Ford, Howard Hawks, Jean Renoir and Alfred Hitchcock, he makes his films for masses and not specific group of audiences. Watching a Farhadi film, is like watching a stunning and beautiful scenery, no matter how many times you encounter it, you stop to watch and enjoy it. A Hero, like other Farhadi films, has layers of stories upon layers  for an audience to discover and step in to the world of Farhadi characters. Every time that I have watched A Hero, I have noticed new aspects in the film’s characters. I will soon right a full review of A Hero in Cinema Without Borders. But let’s not forget about the amazing performance of Amir Jadidi as Rahim, that reminds of the some of the best performances of Marcello Mastroianni, the legendary Italian actor.
Bijan Tehrani

  • A Hero is available to watch on Amazon Prime in the US and wherever Amazon has a market and in Iran on NAMAVA 

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