I, Immigrant, First Responders & Essential Workers in The Corona War – Guideline for the filmmakers


1. Entries for the I, Immigrant, First Responders & Essential Workers in The Corona War should be documentary shorts from 1 minute to 40 minutes in length.

2. Films should be about a US Immigrant First Responder or Essential Worker, in the fields of health care, emergency response, public transportation, package delivery, food production, or grocery retail. Essential Workers have not worked from home during the shutdown, but rather have continued to go to their normal jobs on the front lines, bringing them into contact daily with COVID-19 patients or the general public or fellow workers in unsafe conditions.

3. The subject of the film could be someone who is still working on the front lines, or someone who has actually lost their life to COVID-19.

4. If filmmakers are prevented from entering a health care facility or food production plant to shoot video, digital conference tools (such as Zoom, Google Meeting, Skype Video or FaceTime) are acceptable for interviews or additional footage.

5. Filmmakers might be allowed to interview the subject of their film without disclosing the specific place where the subject works. Sketches or verbal descriptions will suffice in lieu of direct footage of the workplace.

6. Filmmakers may cover a first, second, or even third generation US immigrant essential worker for their I, Immigrant film.

7. What we want to learn from each film submitted for I, Immigrant, First Responders & Essential Workers in the Corona War are the following:
A) The subject’s experience with the war on Corona-virus
B) The subject’s past and how they’re personally managing the crisis now
C) The subject’s family life

8. If a filmmaker does not have access to a high-quality camera, they may use a mobile phone.

9. Filmmakers have until December 1th 2020 to submit their films through FilmFreeyway, there is no submission fee. Please check i-immigrant.com for details


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