I Can’t Breath, a song by Iranian artist Aydin Nazmi


Aydin Nazmi is a pop and rock music musician, composer and singer living in Tehran, Iran. Most of Aydin Nazmi songs address social justice issues. About his latest song, I Can’t Breath, inspired by George Floyd killing in US, he told us: ” As an Iranian artist who sees the world as an interconnected web of humans with a common ancestor, I’ve made this song and video to show solidarity and as a tribute to all who have faced systematic discrimination, specially the African-American community in the US.

As Dr. King said : “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and that’s why I believe this struggle is a not just an American struggle but a human struggle for reaching equality and peace.

We, as the Iranian people, have felt oppression for a very long time and that’s why we could sympathize with such injustice!”

We will have an interview with Aydin Nazmi in near future.


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