Lorestan according to Hossein Ghafari Photos


Hossein Ghafari, an Iranian sound engineer, is also a photographer. Whenever he is part of a crew, shooting a film in location, Hossein uses any opportunity to takes pictures of not only behind the scene, but also the location itself. Lately Hossein Ghafari was on a set of a television series in the south western state of Lorestan.

Lorestan’s nature offers spectacular panoramas made of famous Zagros mountains, hundreds of water falls and springs and silk green vast plains. Hossein Ghafari has managed to record the beauty of Lorestan in his pictures.

Hossein Ghafari was born in Tehran, Iran on 1955 and graduated from School of Television and Cinema in . He worked as a sound engineer in numerus shows as an employee of Iranian Television for over 25 years.
Since leaving the Iranian Television in 1989, Hossein Ghafari has worked on several feature films and TV series as a sound engineer and he hopes and loves to continue to do so.

Hossein Ghafari lives in Tehran with her wife Zohreh Farahani and his two sons Peyman and Sina



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