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In January 13th, 2017 Cinema Without Borders will announce the winner of 2018 HP Bridging The Borders Award at Palm Springs International Film Festival Award Ceremony. In this relation, we will have a few interviews with international filmmakers using HP Workstations about their work, how HP Workstations help them to accomplish their tasks and the impact of HP Bridging The Borders Award in the world of filmmaking.

In our first interview we talked to  Hasraf ‘ HaZ’ Dulull,director of The Beyond on camera. Hasraf ‘ HaZ’ Dulull started his career as a Visual Effects Supervisor / Producer before establishing a reputation from his sci-fi short films – Project Kronos, I.R.I.S and Sync for depicting grounded sci-fi themes . This lead him to producing, writing and directing his first Feature film – The Beyond – Released by Gravitas Ventures (Dec 2017) , and soon after he Directed (based on a story he wrote) – Origin Unknown starring Katee Sackhoff released by Content Media (Released 2018). He is currently also in development on a futuristic Robin Hood film with Producer Gianni Nunnari.

The Beyond is a science fiction documentary film that blends the realism of ‘found footage’ with the fantastical, ‘big idea’ nature of the science fiction films of today.

The Beyond tells a fascinating and exhilarating story chronicling the ground-breaking mission which sent astronauts – modified with advanced robotics, through a newly discovered wormhole known as the Void. When the mission returns unexpectedly, the space agency races to discover what the astronauts encountered on their first of its kind interstellar space journey.

The cast includes – Nigel Barber (Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, Spectre) and Jane Perry (World War Z, Borg vs McEnroe).

The Beyond is distributed by Gravitas Ventures and will be available in the US on January 9th 2018 via Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vimeo, Vudu, Microsoft XBOX, YouTube, Cox Communications, Dish Communications, Suddenlin and Verizion Fios. Other platforms including an HDR version will be announced over the coming months as well as an International release date.


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