Guetty Felin talks about AYITI MON AMOUR, Haiti’s Oscar entry


AYITI MON AMOUR is Haiti Oscar entry for the Best Foreign language Film Award. This is a first for Haiti. This is the first time that Haiti in its film history that Haiti is competing at the Oscars and it is also the first time that a woman of Haitian (Haitian-American) origin realizes a feature length fiction in Haiti to Jacmel (in 2016).

We had the opportunity of interviewing  Guetty Felin, writer and director of  AYITI MON AMOUR on camera.

“Ayiti mon amour” has already been awarded twice in 2017 at the “Blackstar Film Festival” and the “Festival International de Cine America” (Best Film).

Haiti, fives years after the earthquake….
In a coastal town forgotten by the rest of the world, the sea is gaining ground and although the memories of the great disaster still haunts the villagers, life must go on… Shot in the mist and sunlight, Ayiti Mon Amour is the story of old wounds that need healing in order to begin anew. The film presents three stories that intertwine, collide and co-exist. There’s a coming of age story of an awkward teenage boy (ORPHÉE). Orphée who is currently grieving the loss of his father, is in between ages, in between cultures and in between worlds; fantasy and reality. He has a great fascination for Mangas and is currently teaching himself Japanese. It seems that no one really understands him except for Jaurès the fisherman, his only friend. One day after a freak encounter with an underwater sea creature he develops special electrifying powers, but with power comes certain responsibilities…
The world seems to be changing much too rapidly for JAURÈS the old fisherman. These days Jaurès is obsessed with the environmental degradation, the rising temperature of the sea and the drought that is starving his cows. But what pre-occupies Jaurès the most is his beloved wife ODESSA who is bedridden and homesick. Jaurès is determined to do everything to make her well again even if it means putting his own life in peril…
Lastly, there’s the beautiful mysterious AMA, part muse, part wandering soul but also the main character of a novel by an uninspired WRITER. After 5 years of waiting for him to finish his masterpiece, she decides to leave him and his story, to find her own life.


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