Forbes says supporting Black Panther isn’t enough


Moviegoers have already been asked a huge sacrifice by countless activist critics and journalist to support a movie like Marvel’s Black Panther. People were nearly corralled and forced into the theater to pad the numbers for Black Panther so that Social Justice Warriors could hail it as a success. Well, it turns out that being charitable toward Hollywood’s diversity machine isn’t enough; Forbes contributor Scott Mendelson practically begs on his proverbial hands and knees for people to support bad diversity movies.

So why are Social Justice Warriors now asking – no, demanding – people see bad diversity movies? Well, according to Mendelson, supporting movies that appeal to the Left’s sociopolitical agenda will mean that more non-straight white males will appear in big tent-pole (and lower budget) movies. Yes, just like with SJWs not being content with Black Panther because it lacked black lesbians, some SJW-minded journalists are now demanding that supporting “diverse” films isn’t enough, and that poorly made films starring a “diverse” cast need to be supported, too.

In a Forbes piece published on March 27th, 2018 titled “Why Supporting ‘Black Panther’ (Or ‘Wonder Woman’) Isn’t Enough To Promote Diversity”, Mendelson writes…

“The blowout success of Black Panther is a genuine triumph for pop culture, social progress and onscreen representation.” […] “But is not and cannot be (especially for non-black moviegoers who want to see more of its ilk) the beginning, middle and end of onscreen representation for non-white actors and actresses any more than Wonder Woman was the end of the conversation about female-led big studio releases.”

In Mendelson’s mind, moviegoers shouldn’t settle with doing their due diligence of dispensing moral eleemosynary toward the multicultural Hollywood fad led by race-baiting incumbents of social media. Moviegoers, according to the Forbes contributor, need to support other diversity films… even the ones that aren’t good.

Mendelson actually believes in the equality of outcome instead of the outcome of meritocracy. He writes…

“If we want more movies that happen to star actors that look like Chadwick Boseman or Amandla Stenberg instead of (or alongside) Ryan Gosling or Tye Sheridan, we have to actually see their movies, even some of the bad ones, in theaters. Bad movies starring non-white actors and actresses that flop will hurt those filmmakers’ careers more than if the latest Josh Brolin or Ryan Reynolds movie tanks. Use your MoviePass and take the plunge, and you might just find a surprise gem.”

This is literally the advocacy of entertainment communism.

Movies like Pacific Rim 2: Uprising got off to an awful start in North America according to Box Office Mojo, with a paltry $34 million run during its first week in theaters. Unfortunately the movie might gain legs in the revenue run due to China, which has already contributed $64.8 million in just five days.

Basically, the Chinese don’t seem to have very good tastes in big budget films, despite having a right head about user-trashed films like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Americans, rightly, opted out of supporting films like A Wrinkle In Time and Pacific Rim 2: Uprising because they were simply terrible films.

Mendelson believing that somehow supporting joyless movies means we’ll see more faces on screen that audiences typically aren’t familiar with (nor like very much) seems like a recipe for tanking Hollywood’s movie-making machine. But then again, perhaps that’s the goal all along?


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