“Everybody Knows” in Iran?


 The deputy director of the Cinema Organization of Iran has said that the organization still has not received a request from the producers to screen Asghar Farhadi’s latest movie “Everybody Knows”, which was shot in Spain in 2017.

“The film will be viewed as a foreign production if we receive a request to screen it in Iran,” Ebrahim Darughezadeh told the Persian service of ISNA on Sunday.

Films need special authorization from the Cinema Organization of Iran to be produced and screened in the country.

“Making films in Iran is my first priority, and as much as I can I try to screen my films in Iran,” he said in a press conference in May during the Cannes Film Festival, which opened with a screening of “Everybody Knows”.

“I don’t know what would happen about ‘Everybody Knows’ or if it would be reedited for an Iranian premiere, but I always do what should I do and I will be glad if my film can get permission to be screened in Iran,” he added.

Due to the scenes showing female characters with skimpy outfits and steamy love scenes, some Iranian critics, who have watched “Everybody Knows” at international events outside Iran, have said that the film would face big cuts for an Iranian premiere.

A Memento Films production, the film is about Laura, who lives with her husband and children in Buenos Aires. When they return together to her native village in Spain for a family celebration, an unexpected event changes the course of their lives.


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